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Bulk SMS New Pricing And The Reason Why You Must Still Include SMS In Your Mobile Strategy

Bulk sms pricing

Bulk SMS New Pricing And The Reason Why You Must Still Include SMS In Your Mobile Strategy

Yes, the network operators have together decided to increase their service charge and as a result of which the bulk SMS service providers had to come out with bulk SMS new pricing. Though the operators have come up with a sudden change, the bulk SMS service providers have managed to limit the bulk SMS new pricing hike to a small amount. Inspite of the slight price hike, we recommend you to still include SMS in your mobile strategy and we have strong reasons to say so. Here are our reasons:

Rapid Response And Incredible Open Rates

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen SMS have an average open rate of 99%. Out of which 97.5% messages received are opened within the first 5 seconds. When such responses are assured, you must make right use of the medium ignoring the slightly increased bulk SMS new pricing.

5 Times Effective Than Emails

On the other hand, a survey conducted by Oracle Marketing Cloud has stated that the open rates and response rates of SMS are 5 times higher than that of emails respectively. With increased use of internet, organizations make huge investments on email marketing with an expectation of high open and response rate. However, most of the surveys conducted comparing SMS and email marketing have collectively states SMS marketing to be the effective choice. So, irrespective of the bulk SMS new pricing, make sure to invest on SMS marketing for better return on investment when compared to email marketing.

Increased Usage Of Mobile Phones

For the current generation, mobile phones have become the primary mode of communication. As per the TRAI 2015 survey, there are approximately 937 million mobile subscribers in India currently and it is expected to go beyond 1.4 billion by 2020. So, for both instant and long term returns, SMS marketing would be a great choice. With a number of professional bulk SMS service providers and merely slightly increased bulk SMS new pricing, opting SMS marketing strategy would not be an issue.

Reliable Source Of Communication

Did you know that Indians spend approximately 3 hours and 18 minutes of their day checking their Smartphones. Ericsson Consumer Lab conducted a survey in the year 2014 which also stated that 25% of the mobile phone consumers in India check their phones over 100 times a day. How about sending a text message promoting your brand in between these 100 times? Yes, the rate of response for the message will be really high when compared to promotion through emails.

Minimal Opt Out

When compared to different communications like emails, text message communication are received more warmly as they involve lesser spam. As a result, consumers are more attentive to content conveyed through messages when compared to emails. A survey conducted by Nielsen in 2014 reveals that the opt-out rate of SMS marketing is a mere 5%. So, as you convey the message through SMSs, the probability to getting response is really high. This becomes one of main reasons for why you must stick to SMS marketing strategy irrespective of the bulk SMS new pricing hike.


Even a survey conducted on customer preferences has revealed that, customers prefer receiving promotions through text messages rather than through any internet marketing services like emails. This was revealed in the survey conducted by econsulting.com in the year 2012.

By now, you must have had a clear understanding why we recommend promoting your brand through SMS marketing services ignoring the recent bulk SMS new pricing hike. So, start your SMS marketing campaign today!

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