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Bulk SMS price increase and Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Bulk sms price increase

Bulk SMS price increase and Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Bulk SMS price increase has now become a hot button topic among the businesses relying on the bulk SMS marketing services to brand their products and/or services. It is the service charge hike imposed by the network operators that has forced the bulk SMS service providers to impose a slight bulk SMS price increase. However, considering the return on investment, this slight bulk SMS price increase must not be a big deal. Nevertheless here are few tips that can help you improve the SMS marketing campaign

Call To Action

Apart from clearly mentioning your idea behind sending the text message, make sure to include a call to action that wants the recipient top act on the message to get the benefit stated in it.

Track The Campaigns

For your SMS marketing campaign to be a successful one, you need to keep a track of the results in order to put in the necessary changes to improve the campaign further more next time. Consider the number of responses, return on investment, reactions for different offers, at different times of day, different groups so on and so forth. These parameters can help you come out with campaign that works best for your business. Upon comparing the results after an optimized campaign, the slight bulk SMS price increase will be a negligible factor.

Know The Right Time

If you SMS marketing campaign has a call to action included, make sure you send them at the right time of the day when the subscribers have enough time to react. You can rely on professional bulk SMS marketing services as they can schedule your content to the right time and delivery them at that point of the day.

Short And Concise

Every single SMS credit consists of 160 words. Though there is a slight bulk SMS price increase, since you are paying for every message, make sure to use the right words that points straight towards to the exact essence of the message. This ensures maximum return on investment for minimum investment.

Follow Right Frequency

There is a frequency that you need to follow while sending across the text messages. When the messages are sent too frequently, there is a possibility of the subscribers to feel annoyed and may unsubscribe your future messages. On the other hand, if is too long gap between the messages people may even forget your brand. Even in case of bulk SMS price increase, do not stop the frequency at which you send the message as this would affect the results. Nevertheless, the price hike imposed by the network operators imparts as a small amount per message. So, follow the right frequency as it can keep the customers intact with your announcements on the product and/or services offered.

Never Irritate Your Subscribers

Make sure your messages to be fresh and engaging. Avoid repetition in sending messages as repeated sending messages can irritate your subscribers and force them to block your future messages.


Though bulk SMS price increase is a very small amount, now that you are paying for it, make sure to utilize the maximum of it for better return on investment. Using mail merge feature and inserting names or other specific details can make the message more personalized and appealing one. As a result, the possibility of the person responding to your message is really high.

So, what are you waiting for? Do inculcate these tips in your bulk SMS marketing campaigns and get better return on investment ignoring the bulk SMS price increase which really a small amount.

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