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Bulk SMS Pricing And Tips On How To Use It Effectively And Worthily

Bulk sms pricing

Bulk SMS Pricing And Tips On How To Use It Effectively And Worthily

To begin with, it must be firstly understood that the current bulk SMS pricing hike is just a slight amount. Since the network operators have hiked their service charges, bulk SMS service providers are forced to impose hike in the bulk SMS pricing. However, the pricing hike is just a small amount and so need not be a matter of concern. Nevertheless, here are some points that help you use the bulk SMS service effectively and worthily.

Comprehensible Goal

Before texting out your first message, have a clear idea of what kind of response are you expecting from the customers by the end of the campaign. Your message can either be to drive customers to your website or to prompt them to use your new service. So, depending on the goal, develop the right message for your subscribers.

Craft The Best Content

Irrespective of the slight bulk SMS pricing, be it low or high, always make sure craft the best content that sounds exclusive and personal to the subscriber. When compared to emails, crafting the content of text message is a tricky task. The main hurdle being the characters are limited to 160 within which you need to convey your message. On the other hand, text message are considered over emails. So, the rate of response will be high for text message over emails.

Categorize The Subscribers

Rather than preparing a single text message for all the subscribers, it is recommended to go for customized message. Even after slight bulk SMS pricing hike, it is recommended to investment your time and money in sending customized messages after categorizing the customers. Mentioned below are some of the factors that we recommend your attention:

  • Age and gender
  • Level of spending
  • Transaction frequency
  • Their location
  • Product purchase history

Now all that you require is a compelling content for individual customer segment. Also, make sure the message to be clear and concise with sense of urgency and call to action included.

Timing Factor

Timing factor has great role to play in determining the success of your bulk SMS marketing campaign. A clear understanding of customer’s behavior can help you in this timing aspect. In general, businesses avoid sending messaging on Mondays and wee hours of the morning. The apt time to send depends on the industry you belong to. For instance, if you own a salon, weekends would be your busy days. So, to increase customers during weekdays, send messages with discount offers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. In addition, how often you send the message is also important. Never irritate customers sending message daily. The right frequency of sending the message can be determined only through experimentation.


Since the bulk SMS pricing hike is a small amount, you can seamlessly afford to perform experiments. You can test with customized messages for particular segments of customers, frequency of sending the messages and right timing to send them. Once done, you need to track the results obtained.

Track The Results

Track as much as possible. As you track customer response, the best time to send the message and the right frequency of sending the text messages, you can create a perfect strategy to market your brand through bulk SMS marketing irrespective of the current bulk SMS pricing hike.

These tips can help you get maximum return on investment out of minimum input. So, what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest bulk SMS marketing service provider and discuss your business, products, goal, customers and the bulk SMS pricing. You can together create a perfect SMS marketing strategy that assures good results.

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