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The importance of customer experience in determining purchasing decisions has been highlighted by PwC, with 73% of customers prioritizing it over price and quality. However, only 49% of consumers feel satisfied with the level of customer service they receive.
Interestingly, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, yet businesses still struggle to deliver the ideal customer experience.

As companies grow, managing overall business communication with a diverse customer base becomes a challenge, making it difficult to provide personalized information at every stage of the customer cycle. Additionally, modern customers expect businesses to interact with them on their own terms, at any time, from anywhere, and on all channels. Businesses that do not listen to their customers miss out on opportunities and risk pushing them to their competitors.

WhatsApp Business solves these challenges by allowing businesses to engage with their customers personally, opening new avenues for successful marketing, and enhancing communication to deliver an ideal customer experience. The Business App makes it easier for brands to communicate with their customers while giving them the flexibility to interact on their own terms, resulting in better customer experiences and increased loyalty. Go through our E-Book to find out all the features and advantages of WhatsApp marketing.