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Bulk SMS API is significant in contemporary online businesses as the e-mail is highly sought-after communication channel used by various enterprises which send urgent and important messages to their customers regularly. In order to get a high volume of traffic, it is better to develop a better e-mail delivery infrastructure that is known for great scalability for customers.

For better growth of the business, you may integrate the robust and scalable e-mail solution provided by Greenads to your won application and satisfy your customers. Greenads is a one-stop-destination where you can satisfy your customers with genuine one time passwords (OTP) for user verification processes, critical updates or authentication request for your customers.

Bulk sms kerala | Bulk messaging

GreenAds provide the advanced version of web/ API Bulk email service provider for enterprises in Kerala. This service provider serves as an e-mail application program along with sending e-mails to multiple IDs. The users are allowed to check the exhaustive data reports in the HTML format. This e-mail platform refreshes the mail content with the use of advanced tools and other devices.

Feature rich Bulk Sms API for integrations to websites,softwares,Ecommerce sites.Sms Api’s are useful for automating Otp,transaction confirmation etc.Easily integrate our secure sms api’s in a minute, sign up now and get free credits for trail.

Overview  of Bulk Sms Api  

We have robust platform to make sure high TBS ( Transaction Per second ) for bulk sms Api . Real time report api’s are also available.

  1. Single sms api
  2. multiple sms api
  3. Schedule sms api
  4. Balance information api
  5. Delivery report api

Bulk SMS APi Sample Codes

PARAMETERS for Bulk Sms API HTTP  Username :  enter username.

Passwordenter password.

Mobile:enter destination mobile number sender name &  enter approved sender  ID

Route type:

0-promotional             1-transactional                2-promotional with sender id

HTTP API codes 

Single Number: 45&mobile=8590088828&sendername=UPDATE&message=test&routetype=0

Multiple Number: 45&mobile=8590088828,8590088828&sendername=UPDATE&message=test&rou tetype=0

Schedule sms: 45&mobile=8590088828&sendername=UPDATE&message=testING&routetype=0&datetime=2014-04-03 12:07:00 00:00:00

Balance info: 12345

Delivery Report: 2345&FromDate=2014-04-01 00:00:00&toDate=2014-04-03 23:59:59

Delivery Report for single number status:

NB :where /XX is the message id

 For PHP,JAVA,C+ & More codes documents

 For more details contact support 9072856393

Our Features

Bulk sms Kerala

11 years experience

Delivering a rock solid products.


No monthly fees

No contracts. No expired credits.

bulk sms network

Simple to use

Start to finish in 30 seconds.

Bulk sms Kerala

Never pay

for undelivered messages.


Free trial

Try the service now and send up to 25 free messages without paying a cent.

bulk sms network

Access from anywhere

No software required. Login from anywhere with an internet connection.

SMS Broadcast Supports

  • 99% inbox delivery by using an advanced algorithm
  • Matchless e-mail capacity to via Mail Transfer Agent
  • Large volume broadcasts are developed using scalable infrastructure
  • 24×7 customer support

Business Solutions


Customer service, Targeting, Booking, Payment, Login verification, Latest trends & Offers


Customer Support, OTP, Information’s, Due messages, Company statement, Payment Details


Interview Campaign, Meeting Scheduling, Staff information’s Remainder, Customer Support, Company Management Updates


Customer Support, Student Information, Remainder, Management Information’s, Event Informations


Event Association, Meeting Scheduling, Management Information’s, Status Update, Welcome Note, Remainder

Sporting Clubs

Notifications, Management Information’s, Remainder, Customer Support, Event Management, Status Update

Bulk SMS service is significant in the business industry as it helps the enterprises to reach as much as the audience at a time.

 This robust communication with the audience improves your business grow quickly. GreenAds is packed with a group of highly skilled professionals who are experts in providing better Bulk SMS services.

  • Serves as a robust platform
  • Quick delivery status
  • Instant delivery
  • Best customer support

SMS Broadcast

delivers to all Indian mobiles through on-shore connections

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