Marketing Automation

Embraced by businesses irrespective of their size – Large, Medium or Small, marketing Automation bring in a great change in the field of conventional marketing. With GreenAdsGlobal’s fast and robust Market Automation services your business finds it easy to move ahead in this competent business world by completely eliminating the hurdles of customer segmentation and customer data integration. At it’s best, we present you an incredible opportunity to streamline your entire marketing process by automating many of the repetitive marketing tasks that consumes time and incurs higher operational cost. An all-inclusive marketing automation results in faster time-to-market.

Quick Facts

*Reduces operational costs

*Low staffing requirements

*Faster time-to-market&Increased revenue

*Eliminates repetitive tasks

*Connects different marketing channels

  • Marketing Automation

    Call it a modern-day marketing or the use of robust software to automate diverse marketing activities. Whatever you define it, marketing automation is a powerful tool that enables companies to connect with their clientele through different digital channels and send personalized messages to the targeted audience segment. Moreover, it empowers organizations potential by reducing the efforts of marketers, thereby making a serious cut-down in the operational cost of the company. Marketing automation helps your business to get engaged with your clientele strongly and at different social media channels. Our marketing automation services easily automates highly complex e-mail marketing, content-marketing, customer segmentation and data integration processes and offer an outstanding cross-platform experience for users.

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Messaging Automation

A streamlined and automated method of reaching out the vast clientele scattered around the world to send personalised contents from business is known by the term Messaging Automation. Our expert panel of marketers at GreenAds Global enables your business to optimize the target audience thereby increasing the scope of marketing. A well-executed Messaging Automation like ours converts the leads into your strong client base. Automated message campaigns also reduce the staff costs associated with the optimization and sending of messages to the customer segment that are done manually before. We always guarantee that the coupling of wide spectrum technologies into our messaging automation services increases the accountability of the entire sales and marketing team of your business.

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Email Automation

Automated e-mails directly hit potential customers and is the most effective automation technique to convert visitors to customers and public to visitors. Automation of e-mails enable companies to reach out to the maximum number of customers within a short span of time. Our email automation services have a great role when it comes to companies inbound marketing prospects. You can rely on our e-mail automation services 24/7 and are specifically designed to nurture your leads. It makes the task of the sales and marketing team easier and eliminates the need of manually messaging the details to separate clients. Increased Brand awareness, especially for star-ups is a huge benefit that e-mail automation has to offer.

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Voice Automation

Your business is personally heard – Voice automation is a comprehensive personalized service that generates automated calls regarding the various marketing aspects of your business but gives the feeling for customers that they are personally treated. As one of the effective modes of Marketing automation methods, GreenAds Global offers a robust, easy-to-install voice automated system that helps you to know the purchase behaviour patterns of your customers, their interests, demands and constraints associated with your business. Increased brand awareness among the public will be the major perk when businesses makes steps to connect with their customers. Reduction of manual errors, saving valuable time and cost saving are the three assured outcomes of implementing our voice automated services.

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