Leading Whatsapp
Business Api Provider UAE

GreenAds Global enhances client engagement with a sophisticated WhatsApp Business API, oering seamless customer interaction and suppo solutions. Their plaorm is tailored for global businesses focused on optimizing communication eciency


Official Tech Provider

Leading Whatsapp
Business Api Provider UAE

GreenAds Global enhances client engagement with a sophisticated WhatsApp Business API, oering seamless customer interaction and suppo solutions. Their plaorm is tailored for global businesses focused on optimizing communication eciency


Official Tech Provider

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful solution for all kinds of medium and large sizes of businesses to communicate with their customers. It is an end-to-end encryption processing between businesses and customers. Hence you can make a secure communication with users and also protection of customers’ accounts. With the initiation of WhatsApp business API, many businesses across the world are clinging to this communication channel to connect with their customers.

Experience Better Interaction with Best WhatsApp
Business API Provider Dubai

Do a make-over for your brands to engage more users into business and enhance more customer experience. All people across the world is frequently using this communication channel and it is the best time for the business sender to change their communication strategies. GreenAds Global is one of the leading communication service providers and we serve the API with following benefits.

Features of WhatsApp Business API

Send Bulk
Campaigns & Broadcast

Effortlessly broadcast your brand's message to a wide audience, leveraging WhatsApp's high open rates for maximum campaign effectiveness. Streamine your outmach with scheduled sends and real-time delivery reports

Team Inbox

Unify your team's efforts with a centralized inbox, allowing for real-time collaboration and stmamlined customer senice. Assign conversations for efficiency and ensure consistent.communication


GreenAds Global's chatbot delivers prompt, sutorusted responses for customer inquiries, guiding through sales and collecting feedback without the need for live personel. This ensures efficient and onsistent custumar engagement

Monitor Chat &
Campaign Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics that track your chat metrics and campaign performance. Understand customer behaviors to refine your messaging strategy

Developer API
& Plugins

Developers can tap into our robust API for creating bespoka Integrations, ensuring our WhatsApp services work seamlessly with your existing tech stack.

Green Tick

The green tick mark enhances your brand's credibility and notability, signaling to customers they're engaging with a secure, reputable entity. This symbol of authenticity fosters trust and elevates your brand's standing

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GreenAds Global Platform Pricing Plans

Basic Plan



1000 free Service Conversations/month

USD 0.032 per Marketing Conversation

USD 0.020 per all other Conversation

Enterprise Plan



1000 free Service Conversations/month

USD 0.031 per Marketing Conversation

USD 0.019 per all other Conversation

Basic Plan+

Customized Plan

Tech Provider Platform

*Total monthly billing = Subscription Charges based on your plan + Conversational charges above free limit

For more information on how the pricing structure works, click here
For country-wise conversational charges, click here

GreenAds Global Platform Pricing Plans

The WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to communicate with their customers on the WhatsApp messaging app at a larger scale.

To access the WhatsApp Business API, Use GreenAds Imbedded Sign up and create Free 14 days WhatsApp Business API demo account.

No, businesses need to pay for platform rentals and messaging charges per conversation, with a free window of 24 hours for certain interactions.

You'll need to provide verification documents, business details, Website and agree to terms and conditions during the onboarding process.

Yes, use GreenAds API's and integrate the API into your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Maximum upto 24-48hrs after submission of the relevant documents

Yes, GreenAds offer technical support to assist businesses with any issues or queries related to the WhatsApp Business API.

Template Messages are pre-approved message templates used for sending notifications or promotional messages to customers.

Utilize the reporting tools provided by GreenAds to monitor and track your campaigns. This includes delivery rates, open rates, and other relevant performance indicators.

WhatsApp provides the green tick through its verification process. Ensure your business information is accurate and follow WhatsApp's guidelines to increase your chances of verification

Using our embedded sign-up flow, all features will be live within 2 minutes.

GreenAds Global's pricing includes subscription charges, billed monthly or annually, and WhatsApp conversation charges deducted from your prepaid wallet. The total monthly billing is the sum of subscription charges and WhatsApp conversation charges.

What features are included in the 14 Days Free Trial?

The green tick is granted to businesses with Official Business Account (OBA) status on WhatsApp. We can apply for it on your behalf, but approval depends on factors such as brand credibility, social media following, external media listing, and domain ranking.

WhatsApp conversation charges apply within a 24-hour messaging window initiated by a business. The charges depend on the category of template message and vary by the receiver's country. 1000 free conversations are allowed per month (user-initiated).

Template approval may take up to 24 hours based on meta approvals.

You can create custom chatbots using our no-code chatbot builder.

Initially, you can send 250 messages. After that, in Tier 1, you can send 1000 messages. In Tier 2, the limit is 10,000 messages, and in Tier 3, it's 100,000 messages.

You can manage chats, reports, campaigns, etc., through our Telinfy Platform.

WhatsApp messages can be sent to all countries where WhatsApp is available.

Yes, you can access our API document from the platform for testing

Yes, you can use an existing WhatsApp number with GreenAds Global, but you need to delete the account linked to it before onboarding.

Log in to your business manager, upload company documents, and contact us for assistance.

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Enjoy Global Connectivity With GreenAds Global

Leverage the power of AI that you never experienced before. As an authorized WhatsApp business solution provider, Green Ads Global helps you to enhance your customer experience with rich media content like text messages, images, video, and other documents.


It provides end-to-end encryption for all messages, preventing third parties from decrypting communications between businesses and clients.


Reach over 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide and enhance your business communication.

Rich Content

Boost conversion rates using rich media such as images, videos, audios, and various document formats.


Access support swiftly and easily when you need it most. Our team ensures your communication tools are always at peak performance


Grow your customer reach without interruption. Our scalable solutions evolve with your business demands

White Labelled Platform

Offer a messaging service that fully eflects your brand. Seamless integration maintains your identity while leveraging our robust framework

By connecting to Green Ads Global, we will open more opportunities in front of your business with one API integration over customers favourite channels.

Why Choose GreenAds Global For
Whatsapp Business API Service In Dubai.?

Usage of WhatsApp for both personal and business desires is growing rapidly. For business people, they are trying to explore their brand via popular communication channels like WhatsApp.

The communication channel is designed for medium to large enterprises that have supporting teams and handle a large volume of customer messages

Company aim is to provide customer support and secured messages on time using the world’s most popular messaging platform with experienced WhatsApp API providers in our enterprise

WhatsApp Business API Requirements

As an official WhatsApp business service provider we have to take care of your each and every requirement carefully. Hence whatever you do you have to be mainly concentrate on the way of customer reach and earn more benefit from this.

To integrate API with your business you have to collect some documents.

  1. The first condition for using WhatsApp business API is to verify your WhatsApp company profile. This can be done using the Facebook business manager.
  2. Second thing is that a business must have an official mobile number that can receive SMS or phone calls during verification or when required.
  3. The third thing is a WhatsApp customer service channel. We have to notice that the channel name will be visible to all users and it must contain characters only.

With WhatsApp business API you are not increasing customer experience but also figuring out customer’s demand properly

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