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WhatsApp Business API is a powerful solution for all kinds of medium and large sizes of businesses to communicate with their customers. It is an end-to-end encryption processing between businesses and customers. Hence you can make a secure communication with users and also protection of customers’ accounts.

With the initiation of WhatsApp business API, many businesses across the world are clinging to this communication channel to connect with their customers.

Experience better interaction with best WhatsApp
business API provider India


Do a make-over for your brands to engage more users into business and enhance more customer experience.

All people across the world is frequently using this communication channel and  it is the best time for the business sender to change their communication strategies. 

GreenAds Global is one of the leading communication service provider  and we serve the API with following benefits

Strong customer relationship


Its simplified process can help the brands to send long numbers or short codes and Via WhatsApp business, any customer can contact the business person from any corner of the world without country-specific telecom regulations.

 In turn, the company can create an account with a devoted phone number and additional information such as email/phone number, social media links, official website links, and much more.

Chatbot conversation


Improve your customer satisfaction and generate more leads with creative content. For many users, a chatbot is a point of contact to your business, which can be more convenient than connecting via phone or mail. 

Our product is designed with a WhatsApp chatbot that enables customers to get a quick, automated response for their queries or problems. With a WhatsApp chatbot, you can earn more benefits from customers all time without a delay.

Live MultiAgent support


For an enterprise, dealing with customers is an important factor. It must be ensured that response to each customer on time as well as controlling customer service must be done properly. 

By using GreenAds Global WhatsApp business API allows multiple agents to send and receive messages on multiple devices at the same time. For this, you have to complete WhatsApp business verification.




Our conversational platform is powered with detailed analytics and insights that business sender or owner can be used to track the performance of the platform.

 This insight is developed with a standard algorithm to get a deep view and the option for customization as per the requirement. It track all the information of users and sales data that you care most   in one place with privacy and security.

No matter what  business you are running, you can feel a unique customer experience  from GreenAds Global and will remember our team forever to make it a great work perk.

Enjoy Global connectivity with GreenAds Global

Leverage the power of AI that you never experienced before. As an authorized WhatsApp business solution provider, Green Ads Global helps you to enhance your customer experience with rich media content like text messages, images, video, and other documents.



In terms of privacy and data, it ensures that an end to end encryption on all messaging and any third party cannot decrypt the shared content between business and clients.



Show the power of your business to more than 2 billion WhatsApp users across the world with reliable communication.

rich content

Rich content

Improve conversation rate with rich media content like images, videos, audios, and other data document formats.


By connecting to Green Ads Global, we will open more opportunities in front of your business with one API integration over customers favourite channels.

Why choose GreenAds Global for Whatsapp business API service in India.?


Usage of WhatsApp for both personal and business desires is growing rapidly. For business people, they are trying to explore their brand via popular communication channels like WhatsApp.

The communication channel  is designed for medium to large enterprises that have supporting teams and handle a large volume of customer messages.

Company aim is to provide customer support and secured messages on time using the world’s most popular messaging platform with experienced WhatsApp API providers in our enterprise.

WhatsApp business API requirements


As an official WhatsApp business service provider we have to take care of your each and every requirement carefully. Hence whatever you do you have to be mainly concentrate on the way of customer reach and earn more benefit from this.


To integrate API with your business you have to collect some documents.

  1. The first condition for using WhatsApp business API is to verify your WhatsApp company profile. This can be done using the Facebook business manager
  2. Second thing is that a business must have an official mobile number that can receive SMS or phone calls during verification or when required.
  3. The third thing is a WhatsApp customer service channel. We have to notice that the channel name will be visible to all users and it must contain characters only.


With WhatsApp business API you are not increasing customer experience but also figuring out customer’s demand properly.


As the best WhatsApp business API provider, our team will help you to make the customer reach and engagement more fast using this powerful messaging channel without the overhead cost.