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Who are we

GreenAds Global is a private company based at Cochin, Kerala. We have been serving and doing business in the Bulk SMS industry since 11 years. Our team has handled over 10 k+ bulk SMS campaigns all over India.  We have professional teams who help our clients manage their advertising and reach out to potential clients through our customized bulk sms campagins.

Bulk sms Cochin

Kochi is a coastal city situated in the district of Ernakulam. The city is set over 36.6 square miles and accommodates a huge population of 3,082,000 residents in 2020. The city is an important tourist centre which attracts the most domestic and international tourists in Kerala. It also is one of the biggest trading hubs.

The population of Kochi is diverse and people are highly selective in buying good and services.
As a business firm, it is imperative to stand out, to tap this potential to the fullest to expand business and profits.

Bulk SMS cochin campaigns can help you achieve the same by having direct contact with customers. Consequently, you can let them know what you have in store and improve your brand recognition. We at GreenAds Global help you to advertise your products and services directly to customers via affordable bulk sms services. 


What is bulk sms service?

It is a direct method of communication with mobile subcribers or customers via sms messages across various mobile networks.

Which all areas in Cochin do you serve?

We undertake bulk sms campagins everywhere in and across Cochin. In fact we have been doing sms campaigns for prominent business firms since many years.

How can bulk sms help my business ?

Bulk sms helps you to tell about your products and services to your customers. It helps you to improve brand recogniton and generate sales.

What do i need to do to send bulk sms to customers in cochin ?

You can register at our website and follow the instructions mentioned to send sms. You can also reach us at : 9072856393 for further assistance



Bulk sms cochin campagins are highly affordable and buget-friendly. You get high ROI when you choose to use bulk sms to promote your products and services.

Does the sms messages get delivered instantly?

Yes, you can choose to schedule the delivery of messages and you get instant updates on a timley manner. You pay only for the delivered messages.

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Top 5 Tips To Get Great Response Out of Bulk SMS Cochin Campaign

If you are new to SMS marketing campaign, the foremost question that would pop-up to your mind would be, ‘What is the best possible way to send out the bulk SMS campaign in Cochin?’ Just like all that marketing strategies, there is no universal way for bulk SMS Cochin campaign as well.


Strategies will be different for different campaigns for different companies. Nevertheless, there are few general advices that can help you get best response out of your Bulk SMS Cochin campaign. Read through:

What is Your Expectation through Bulk SMS Cochin Campaign?

What are you expecting to achieve through the bulk SMS Cochin campaign? Is it a phone call, a visit to your website, a text back response so on and so forth. This consideration can help you frame the text message accordingly and select the target audience as well.

For instance, if your business targets older people, you can include phone numbers for them to call instead of text back response, as elder people prefer talking to you directly rather than sending text messages.

Importance of Target Shooting in Bulk SMS Cochin Campaign

It is a proven fact that shooting messages directly to the target list is seven times surety of success than just beating round the bush. When it comes to bulk SMS Cochin, create a list of target audience/segment within Cochin and shoot messages directly for best results.

Text Message OF Bulk SMS Cochin Campaign

Once you have decided on what to expect and what segments to concentrate in the bulk SMS Cochin campaign, your next task is to work on the text message.

Once you have right idea on the expectation and segment, writing an appropriate text message would be easy. Ensure the text message to be short, to the point that too with a clear call to action.

A/B Testing

One cannot assure that your bulk SMS Cochin campaign would be a huge success. It comes by your way as you keep testing.  For instance, you will keep changing the call to action or offers mentioned in the message, day and time to find the combination that works best.

Keep a track of the responses that you get on applying individual changes. These responses help in framing the lead gaining bulk SMS campaign for your business.

The Frequency of Bulk SMS Cochin

Sending bulk messages one time may not fetch you huge attention. If people are new to your brand, they need to get exposed to it a number of times. This continued exposure provides reassurance and the possibility of using your services increases.

Also there might be cases that the prospect may not in the market when the text arrives for the first time.

But as they come some weeks later and receive the same message there is possibility of gaining response. So never stop the campaign with one bulk messaging. You need to repeat it again twice or thrice for better response rate.

So, now that you are aware of the tips to be followed while running bulk SMS Cochin campaign, start your campaign today!

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