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Short Message Peer To Peer Protocol – Is an ideal solution for large enterprises and corporate which make them easy to send/receive bulk messages over wireless networks. SMPP is an open, industry standard level-7 TCP/IP protocol that allows the speedy delivery of messages to a large set of customers. GreenAds global offers interactive SMPP solutions that avoids the integration of GSM hardware and voluntarily delivers high throughput say, 5000 SMS per second. Our clientele use GreenAds Global SMPP solutions for sending Voice Mail Alerts, Notifications regarding banking transactions, stock exchange, weather forecast etc.

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  • SMPP Solutions

    GreenAds Global’s SMPP solution is in fact our flagship service that caters medium, large-scale industries in sending and receiving messages to and from wireless devices running on CDMA/GSM/TDMA/PDC technologies. Our SMPP solution is a highly interactive application that has massive edge over solutions working on conventional GSM modem. For working on complex messaging systems, our SMPP solution language-platform independence, gateway escalation, extended message length, 2 – way messaging etc. Moreover, GreenAds Global’s SMPP solution act as a reliable bulk SMS solution and has flawless, ample SMPP Gateway providing high performance messaging services.

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SMPP Platform

We integrate more popular SMPP platform for providing bulk SMS services that are that are even compatible for the upcoming highly competent days of marketing and branding. Our SMPP platform serves mainly the large and medium business organizations. SMPP platform is technically more powered than the UCP/EMI and can be used as protocol for sending short messages between ESME - External Short Messaging Entities, RE - Routing Entities and SMS Center - Short Message Service Center. You can use a set of alphanumeric sender address (the name of your company) instead of displaying your mobile phone number.

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Aggregator Connectivity

Does your business demand for high volume message transfer and service connectivity globally? GreenAds Global help companies to send bulk SMS through its reliable mobile messaging communication system. We provide you a scalable SMPP aggregator connectivity that makes tour business grow and is recommended worldwide by experts over direct marketing campaigns. Get a deep insight into our aggregator connectivity services that can come up with exceptional growth results. Unquestionably simple and fast, GreenAdsGlobal’s SMPP Aggregator Connectivity offer automated SMS alert, Marketing messages and other critical notification facilities that make your clients more connected with your business.

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