RCS messaging app

As long as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram social media platforms facing downtime due to technical failure or something, you have to search for other mediums for convenient chatting. Hence Google has provided an alternative platform that will boost your communication faster and reliable.


RCS is a similar platform to WhatsApp, but the problem is it’s a third-party app and when the server is down, all the connections across the globe will be cut off.


For those who are still late to know about RCS messaging app , well, Google has to bring an advanced messaging app that will replace traditional messaging with enhanced features and more multimedia capabilities.


RCS is a default text app and Google now offers to chat with this messaging app worldwide. Unlike WhatsApp or Facebook, Android users do not need to forcefully download the app from the play store. It is a pre-installed app. 


On the other hand, RCS is a standard messaging protocol, and users no need to download a third-party app to use it.


For all business senders, Google has started to working with it to get more reliable and effective features to improve the customer chat experience like branded or informal messaging, sharing media like images, video, GIF’s, Location sharing and tracking, or sending notifications related to new upcoming events and also to allow customers to make payment from android devices.


Unlike WhatsApp, RCS also have providing the features of reading receipts, typing indicators, and messages delivered.


RCS is a Google verified SMS which offers more seamless experience across all android devices. If the network connection is not available then, RCS messaging app can enable the SMS framework. While It will provide the advanced messaging features during network connection is available.


RCS enables users to chat over Wi-Fi or mobile data for group chats, and the option to add and remove participants from group chats.


Hence if your using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram goes down due to server issues, then RCS messaging app will be the best opt for android users to continue their connection between business, friends, and family members.