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What is Bulk Voice Call

Bulk voice call simply means sending over a recorded voice message to large group of customers who use mobile or landlines.
The main highlight of bulk voice call for business is that you invest less and gain high ROI. Talk to our experts as we are the leading bulk voice call service provider in India with unmatched experience.

Leading bulk voice call service
provider in India

GreenAds Global is the leading bullk voice call service providers in India. We are based out of Cochin, however we have been providing unwaviering support to our clientale base all across India.
Our company provides Bulk voice calls services according to customer demands and requirements. Our bulk voice call packages are highly customized and budget-friendly.
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Bulk voice call packages

We are the top bulk voice call service providers in the country and our experience is unmatched.
Are your confused how to convey your message to a large audience?
We have your worries covered. Our company offers pocket-friendly bulk voice packages for businesses of all sizes.


Is bulk voice call service cost effective?

Bulk voice call services are highly cost-effective as your investment will be less, whereas your profit margins will be at the highest.
This marketing tool helps you to generate quality leads and high conversion rates at lower costs. That is the reason why most of the smart businesses use this method for marketing.

Why use Bulk voice Call service

Customer remains the king as long as there are businesses. Today it is a mobile era, and therefore it is easy for business houses to reach their customers unlike conventional methods. Bulk voice call is a technology and a potential marketing tool that helps you to engage with your customers effectively.
Do you want to promote your services cost-effectively? There is no other better way than bulk voice call that enables businesses to connect directly with their customers, to tell what they have in offer for them.

Features of bulk voice call

Features of bulk voice call

Our bulk voice call highlights

Real time Reports

Amazingly responsive

Multiple languages

Community builder

Easy to install and setup

Easy to use interface

Unlimited calls

Quick tracking

Pay only for answered calls

Call scheduling

Want to generate sales
and high conversions?

Call us and we will guide you on packages,
pricing and how you can use voice call for your business.

Why choose us for bulk voice call service provider

11 years experience

Delivering a rock solid products.

No monthly fees

No contracts. No expired credits.

Simple to use

Start to finish in 30 seconds.

Never pay

for undelivered messages.

Free trial

Try the service now and send up to 25 free messages without paying a cent.

Access from anywhere

No software required. Login from anywhere with an internet connection.

Never pay

for undelivered messages.

Free trial

Try the service now and send up to 25 free messages without paying a cent.

Access from anywhere

No software required. Login from anywhere with an internet connection.

Leading bulk voice call service provider

Who can use bulk voice call services?

In recent years, bulk voice call services have become more prominent. Verbal communication that is automated, bulk voice call enables businesses to create a personal and direct relationship with their customers. Whether you are a small retailer or a big brand, bulk voice call services can benefit everyone.
Cellular networking companies – To remind the client about recharge, the latest plan offers & billing Healthcare industry – To set up a reminder alert about an appointment, hospital bills, lab test reports Financial industry – To create a customized call notification to the clients about upcoming loan schemes, account alerts, transaction status Automation industry – To send timely updates about service repairs, payment alerts and other vital updates.


Customer service, Targeting, Booking, Payment, Login erification, Latest trends & Offers


Customer Support, OTP, Information’s, Due messages, Company statement, Payment Details


Interview Campaign, Meeting Scheduling, Staff information’s Remainder, Customer Support, Company Management Updates


Customer Support, Student Information Remainder, Management Information’s Event Informations


Event Association, Meeting Scheduling, Management Information’s, Status Update, Welcome Note, Remainder

Sporting Clubs

Notifications, Management Information’s, Remainder, Customer Support, Event Management, Status Update

Bulk voice call service provider - support

delivers to all Indian mobiles through on-shore connections

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