RCS Business Messaging
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Why RCS Business Messaging - Best Rcs messaging provider

As a top RCS messaging provider, we offer a game-changing communication experience with rich multimedia, interactive features, and enhanced branding, while leveraging the wide accessibility provided by most telecommunications companies.

Trusted Branding
More Instantly
identifiable than a
Phone Number

Send a Combination of text with
other media’s like images etc
Rich Media

Allows Customers to send
replys to initiate chat Bot option
for further interactions
Instant Reply’s

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Google Verification making the
conversation Authentic
Authenticated Sender

Company Profile
A detailed Company Profile with
Organisation Logo & Banner with
Contact Information’s

Call to Action Buttons
Links to other functions like
Click to Call, Website, Payment’s,
Location, Mobile App etc.

RCS Business Messaging: A More Personal and Engaging Way to Connect with Customers

Explore the countless possibilities of RCS Business Messaging, empowering your brand to share interactive content, engage with customers, and elevate brand engagement to new heights. Experience the potential of RCS through an engaging video that showcases its capabilities and benefits. Partner with the best RCS message provider, for skyrocketing your business.

RCS Messaging is vital for business as it offers the following features

Customers across a wide range of industries use rich
communication services for a variety of use cases to
enhance their customers experiences. Here are a few:

Improved profits with
seamless interactions

Quality conversions and
click-through rates


The Best way
to retain customers

The Easiest way to feature your products and services

Discover the Versatility of RCS Business Messages Across All Industries!

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With features like rich media sharing, product previews, and secure transactions, Google RCS revolutionizes the e-commerce experience, driving higher customer engagement and boosting sales.

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With secure end-to-end messaging, real-time customer support, and personalized financial updates, Google RCS empowers financial institutions to foster stronger client relationships, streamline transactions, and deliver a seamless mobile banking experience.”

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Google RCS revolutionizes the way medical appointments are scheduled, reminders are sent, and critical health information is shared, leading to improved patient care and streamlined healthcare processes.

Transform Your Customer Conversations with
Unmatched 2-Way Rich Messaging Capabilities!


The aim is to enhance awareness, engagement, and sales by transmitting sales, marketing, and promotional communications to new or current customers.

Instances include
Extending offers, promotions, discounts & upgrades on products or services

Following up on incomplete transactions initiated by the user, such as abandoned shopping carts and wishlists etc


The objective is to provide customers with relevant information about their existing products or services by sending notifications, updates, or alerts directly.

Fraud alerts Purchase confirmation Product/service updates Account/product information Feedback request News alerts


The One-Time Password (OTP) agent is responsible for issuing a unique password, which is crucial for securely authenticating an account or validating a transaction.

The OTP agent is suitable for:
Account authentication with OTP/2FA Password resets Online transaction confirmation

Why RCS Business Messaging

 Embrace the power of RCS messaging services and revolutionize your communication strategy. As a leading RCS message provider, leverage its rich multimedia capabilities, interactive features, and enhanced branding to engage and captivate your audience like never before

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A2P messages shift to A2P Conversations if a user replies within 24 hours, and the window for the conversation extends for an additional 24 hours from the initial reply.


Assisted commerce

High involvement purchases

Product queries

Returns and refunds

Post-purchase concerns

Appointment rescheduling

Account changes

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Single Rich Message is a business-initiated A2P message that contains rich elements or exceeds 160 characters (can go up to 2000 characters if a template is used).

Promos and launches

Upselling and cross-selling messages

Info videos

How-to guides

Product brochures

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A2P messages shift to A2P Conversations if a user replies within 24 hours, and the window for the conversation extends for an additional 24 hours from the initial reply.

Assisted commerce

High involvement purchases

Product queries

Returns and refunds

Post-purchase concerns

Appointment rescheduling

Account changes

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Rcs message pricing India

Affordable Pricing for RCS Delivery in India

Message Type

Simple Message
OTP, Notification etc
INR 0.20
Based on country operator
Rich Card Messages
Images, Videos & Call to actions
INR 0.26
Based on country operator
Incoming Messages
Customer Conversation
INR 0.15
Based on country operator

What is Google’s RCS messaging service?

RCS messaging service helps to get in touch with mobile customers and provide them with an interactive experience. It helps to improve open rates and thus enhance conversion.

RCS Business Messaging is more like SMS equipped with rich media, interactive modes, and analytics.

The best part is that all these features are delivered right to the android devices used by the common man. Imagine the impact it could have on businesses.

Those devices that are not RCS enabled will receive conventional SMS, while RCS enabled mobiles will receive rich media messages. 

GreenAds Global reigns as the unrivaled champion in the realm of RCS messaging providers. With an unparalleled track record of innovation and client satisfaction, they empower businesses with cutting-edge features, immersive experiences, and seamless communication. Unlock the full potential of messaging excellence with GreenAds Global, the indisputable leader in RCS messaging solutions.



Our RCS Messaging can help you
scale your profits

RCS is the best platform for business users to communicate with customersz A business will be able to integrate its chat apps with this messaging tool to handle customer queries.

It also provides an opportunity to work in all networks and every mobile device.

Due to its rich communication features such as multimedia, security and reliability, distinct sizes of businesses can use this powerful tool as a marketing strategy for better communication with customers.

RCS business messaging solutions for different sectors

RCS Messaging – The best option for business communication

RCS is a great platform for business users to communicate with customers. Businesses will be able to integrate their chat apps with this messaging tool to handle customer queries.

GreenAds Global, a leading RCS messaging provider, offers a versatile solution that works seamlessly across all networks and mobile devices. With its rich communication features, including multimedia capabilities, robust security, and reliable delivery, businesses of all sizes can leverage this powerful tool as an effective marketing strategy, enabling enhanced communication with customers.


RCS Messaging – The best option for business communication

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

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RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is the next-generation SMS protocol and universal standard between mobile operators and phones. This is accepted and encouraged by GCMA and many carriers and mobile phone operators like Google, Android, and Samsung. RCS enables businesses to communicate with their target audience with rich features like, high-res photos and larger files, chat with a group, know when messages are read, or make video calls.

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Google RCS (Rich Communication Services) is supported by a variety of mobile devices. It is commonly available on Android smartphones. However, device compatibility may vary depending on the device manufacturer, carrier, and region.
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No, not all mobile devices come with Google RCS pre-installed. The availability of Google RCS depends on factors such as the device manufacturer, carrier support, and region. Some devices may have it pre-installed, while others may require activation or an update from the carrier.

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To check if your mobile device supports RCS, you can follow these steps:
Open the default messaging app on your device.
Go to the settings or options menu within the messaging app.
Look for a section related to “Advanced” or “Chat features.” If RCS is supported, you should find options to enable or activate it. If not, the feature may not be available on your device or carrier.
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No, it is not necessary to download an additional application to use Google RCS. RCS functionality is integrated into the default messaging app on compatible Android devices. However, some carriers or device manufacturers may offer their own messaging apps or separate RCS apps for enhanced features.

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Companies can benefit from adopting RCS for several reasons:

Enhanced communication: RCS enables businesses to send interactive messages, images, videos, and other media directly to customers, offering a richer and more engaging communication experience.

Increased customer engagement: RCS supports features like read receipts, typing indicators, suggested replies, and more, allowing companies to have real-time, interactive conversations with customers.

Branding and customization: RCS allows companies to customize the messaging experience with their branding, logos, and colors, providing a consistent and recognizable brand presence.

Rich media capabilities: RCS supports high-quality images, videos, carousels, buttons, and other interactive elements, enabling companies to showcase products, services, and promotions effectively.

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Some key differences between RCS and WhatsApp include:

Integration: RCS is built into the default messaging app on compatible Android devices, while WhatsApp is a separate messaging application that needs to be downloaded and installed.

Platform dependence: RCS is primarily available on Android devices, whereas WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Network dependency: RCS relies on carrier support for full functionality, while WhatsApp operates using internet connectivity.

Encryption: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption by default, ensuring secure messaging, while RCS encryption may vary depending on the implementation by carriers and device manufacturers.

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RCS supports a wide range of media types, including:

High-resolution images


Audio files

GIFs (animated images)


Location sharing

Contact cards

Interactive buttons and carousels for interactive experiences

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Although Apple devices currently lack support for RCS Business Messages, the company has shown keen interest in adopting RCS, and we eagerly await an update. Stay tuned for further updates and developments in this regard.

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RCS offers certain security features to protect user communications. These features may include:

Encryption: RCS messages can be encrypted in transit between the sender and recipient, depending on the implementation by carriers and device manufacturers.

Authentication: RCS supports sender verification, allowing users to verify the identity of the sender.

Spam protection: RCS incorporates spam protection measures to identify and filter unsolicited or unwanted messages.

It is important to note that the level of security and encryption can vary depending on the carrier, device manufacturer, and specific implementation of RCS.

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The cost of RCS messaging can vary depending on the service provider and the specific plans they offer. Some service providers may offer RCS messaging as part of their standard messaging service without any additional charges, while others may have specific RCS messaging plans or features that come with a cost. It is best to check with your service provider to determine the exact cost associated with RCS messaging.

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The timeline for completing the registration process and template approval for RCS messaging can vary depending on the specific requirements and processes of the RCS platform or service provider you are working with. It is recommended to refer to the documentation or contact the RCS platform or service provider directly to get an accurate estimate of the timeline involved in completing the registration process and template approval.

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Yes, it is possible to integrate a chatbot with Google RCS. Google RCS supports rich media and interactive messaging features, which can be utilized to build and integrate chatbots into the messaging experience.

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To assess the effectiveness of the campaigns businesses can get various reports such as the open rate, Clicked through Rate(CTR) messages, delivered message rate, response rate etc.