What are the benefits of bulk SMS service In Kerala?

With a number of marketing techniques all around, why should I go for bulk SMS service In Kerala? This is most common question that would pop up in your mind as you think of availing bulk SMS service Kerala to advertise your products and services. Cost effectiveness and speed are the main reasons that make bulk SMS service stand out. Mentioned below are few other services.

Bulk SMS Service In Kerala Have Good Open Rates

98% of the messages that are sent are opened and read by the people within first five seconds of SMS reception. This is really good rate when compared to 20% open rate in case of email marketing. At the same time, these emails have an average opening time of 48 hours. So if you wish to convey your message to maximum number of people, prefer Bulk SMS Service In Kerala.

For High Speed and Flexibility, Prefer Bulk SMS Service Kerala

Flexibility and speed are the two keys factors that businesses need to deal with the current fast growing market. The lead time necessary for bulk SMS marketing is a virtual zero as the project can be conceived and delivered to the targeted market within minutes. Through Bulk SMS service In Kerala, you can instantaneously respond to your current market events or your competitor’s promotions within minutes.

Prefer Bulk SMS Service Kerala for Low Cost, High ROI

For small and medium sized business, advertising through TV commercials and newspaper ads can be cost prohibitive. On the other hand, going for bulk SMS service In  Kerala not only costs you less but also ensures maximum visibility within a short span of time. It is this cost effective and high return on investment that makes SMS services one of the most wanted tools for both small and medium sized businesses.

Bulk SMS Service Kerala Are Highly Targeted

Shooting marketing messages into the ether without any hope of reaching the target customers are all past marketing tactics. In today’s highly competitive and costly world, it is very much essential that the money you invest to target the audiences have to be as highly targeted as possible. On the other hand, bulk SMS service Kerala being permission based service, all those who receive the message must have already related with you and are willing to receive more messages from you. Reselling your products and services to existing customers is 6 to 7 times easier than gaining a new customer. To market your existing customers, bulk SMS service is considered the best.

Send Personalized Messages through Bulk SMS Service Kerala

Considering the behavior history and demographics, personalized messages can be sent to your targeted customers through bulk SMS service. Applying personalized tactics can be costly in other form marketing techniques. However when it comes to bulk messaging services, your wallet is safe.

So, these are the five best benefits that you get by opting bulk SMS service Kerala. What are you waiting for? Start marketing your products and services through one of the most cost effective tactics in the industry.