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Best Bulk SMS Thrissur- Most Popular Marketing Tool, Still!

As everybody knows, Kerala has the highest number of mobile subscribers with over 30 million connections for a mere population of 33 million. This has also accounted for 95.70 persons who have telephone connections, for every 100 individuals. Kerala also being the most literate state, the tech-savvy generation will have at least one instant messenger app on their mobile phones. But it is rather astonishing to know that these apps couldn’t shrink the popularity of SMS in this 4G world. Even today the open rate stands as high as 98% and approximately 32% (i.e 1 out of 3) urban Indians who have received a promotional or marketing SMS have always taken some action.  The cultural capital and the banking town of Kerala, Thrissur is no aloof, and still welcomes the most popular marketing strategy of bulk SMS Thrissur

Review of Bulk SMS Thrissur Companies & the Growing Competition

Thrissur is considered to be one of the most well-planned cities in India, which we should be grateful to the engineering foresight of his highness Sri. Shaktan Thampuran. The huge number of business families and communities has led many banks and corporates to choose the city as their headquarters. There is also a popular saying as “not to teach a Thrissurite, Business” as they will imbibe it by birth. With the growing competition the businesses have been trying out all conventional and latest marketing strategies, but bulk SMS has always topped the list for over years now. This has also led to another level of competition among the service providers. Now if you scan the city, you could find bulk SMS  Thrissur service providers sprouting up like mushrooms in every nook and corner.

Choosing the Best BulK SMS Thrissur Vendor

Now as the businesses start rolling and gather momentum they have to sneak through the competition of service providers and need to choose the best among them. Below mentioned are some insights which a business owner in the city can keep at the back of his mind, which will help him in choosing the best bulk SMS Thrissur service provider.

  • Check for In-Town references (If they have served any big brands in Thrissur)
  • Good if they have served any Government Institutions (That brings in more trust)
  • Their experience always matters (Go for at least a 5-year-old firm)
  • Their online rating, reviews and response time after sending a mail/call (should be neat & quick like their SMS)
  • Always ask them for real-time case studies (Most probably the results should be in figures)

If you find a vendor following all the above-said criteria, undoubtedly your business can rely on their services, irrespective of it being in Thrissur or some other popular city in Kerala/India. Even today in this technological world where business can happen via 4.7 inches of a mobile screen, an SMS is rated much higher compared to a message on a Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or a ping on a Skype. Though it carries promotional content, we either delete or go for it, but it is rather rare that somebody had ever tried unsubscribing. Even if we check, the rate will be negligible. No wonder Bulk SMS Thrissur operators have reaped a good harvest from such a financially stable city of Kerala

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