digital consent acquisition

What is Digital Consent?

The Digital Consent Acquisition (DCA) process is a structured system designed to solicit, oversee, and revoke customer approvals as per TCCCPR-2018 guidelines. This process involves sharing consent information on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Platform, as mandated by TCCCPR-2018 for Commercial Communications. This integration allows for effective consent verification by all Access Providers.

It is mandatory to acquire a digital consent from a subscriber to be able to send Promotional messages

Everything you need to know about Digital consent Acquisition

Under the TCCCPR 2018, consent for commercial communications is defined as a subscriber’s voluntary agreement to receive messages from a Principal Entity (PE) about specific services, products, or purposes.

The process includes several key steps:

  1. Recording Consent: The Consent Registration Function (CRF) ensures that customer consent is logged securely and unalterably through the Customer Consent Acquisition Functionality, either directly or via agents.
  2. Template Presentation: Customers are shown the content of the consent acquisition template before giving their consent.
  3. Agreement on Purpose and Sender: Customers agree to the purpose of the communication and the details of the sender.


4. Authentication: The customer’s consent is authenticated through a One-Time Password (OTP).

5. Revocation Recording: Customers can revoke their consent, which is also recorded securely and unalterably as per regulations.

This process ensures robust and transparent consent management in compliance with TCCCPR 2018.

What is digital consent template?

Consent template means a template of content which is presented to the customer while acquiring his consent and clearly mentions purpose of the consent and details of sender.

Available modes of acquiring Digital consent from customer?

  • Consent Acquisition via QR code – This is a customer-initiated mode Customer scans the QR Code and is directed to a Web portal for registration of consent
  • Consent Acquisition Web – This is a PE initiated mode PE logins to DLT portal and registers the intent to get a consent, which flows from PEs to OAP DLT portal: QR Scan:
  • Consent Acquisition API – This is a PE initiated mode PE sends SMS to the customer through APIs to acquire consent to be provided to the Pes

Digital Consent flow – for a subscriber

  • The Subscriber will receive a message from short code from their operator.
  • The Subscriber can then reply to that message with Yes/No.
  • Note: The same Consent message with be sent to the subscriber thrice (First time when the consent is
  • initiated and two reminders in the next to consecutive days)
  • If the Subscriber replies with Yes, consent is granted for 12 months.
  • If the Subscriber replies with No, this consent message also can’t be sent to that subscriber for the next 3 months.
  • If the Subscriber doesn’t reply even after the reminder messages, this consent message cannot be sent to that subscriber for the next 1 month.

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Sender ID6 characters/numericBrand name - Google verfiedBrand name with green tick
LogoDeafult logoBrand logoBrand logo
Support Multi MediaNoYESYES
AnalyticsBasic analyticsImproved Analytics with delivered and read reportsImproved Analytics with delivered and read reports
Consent NeedThrough DCANoNo

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