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Redefine customer experience with brand new Google smart messaging service - UAE

Quality of communication creates an impact on customer response. Personalized messages with rich multimedia images, texts, and interactive sessions redefine user experience to a new level.


It helps to improve conversion rates, engagements, customer loyalty, and brand reputation.


RCS Messaging is vital for business as it offers the following features

Customers across a wide range of industries use rich communication services for a variety of use cases to enhance their customers experiences.  Here are a few:

Improved profits

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Quality conversions and click-through rates

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The Best way to retain

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The Easiest way to feature your products and services

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What is Google’s RCS messaging service?

RCS messaging service helps to get in touch with mobile customers and provide them with an interactive experience. It helps to improve open rates and thus enhance conversion.


RCS Business Messaging is more like SMS equipped with rich media, interactive modes, and analytics.

The best part is that all these features are delivered right to the android devices used by the common man. Imagine the impact it could have on businesses.


Those devices that are not RCS enabled will receive conventional SMS, while RCS enabled mobiles will receive rich media messages. We are the leading RCS Messaging provider in UAE, and if you are looking to scale your business. Make a call right away!

How is the RCS message different from Sms

When compared to SMS, RCS messaging works differently.

How does RCS messaging work

RCS is available free of cost to all Android users. Users can update it via carrier network and avail all the latest features of RCS.


It uses a data connection, and if an internet connection is absent, the Sms will fall back to conventional SMS.

Users can use the Google message app as their default app to avail Rcs settings on their phone.


Samsung users can also do the same as Samsung supports RCS service only via carriers. Therefore, Android users can use the google message app for Rcs messaging.

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Our RCS Messaging can help you scale your profits ​

Being the leading RCS messaging provider in UAE, we deliver the best quality service for all our customers. RCS is the best platform for business users to communicate with customers. A business will be able to integrate its chat apps with this messaging tool to handle customer queries. It also provides an opportunity to work in all networks and every mobile device.


Due to its rich communication features such as multimedia, security and reliability, distinct sizes of businesses can use this powerful tool as a marketing strategy for better communication with customers.

RCS business messaging solutions for different sectors. Call us for RCS MESSAGING SERVICE IN UAE.

RCS Messaging provider in UAE – The best option for business communication

RCS is a great platform for business users to communicate with customers. Businesses will be able to integrate their chat apps with this messaging tool to handle customer queries.

It also provides an opportunity to work on all networks and with all mobile devices. Due to its rich communication features like multimedia communication and its security and reliability, all sizes of businesses can use this powerful tool as a marketing strategy for better communication with customers.

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Rich communication service features

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Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Rich communication service is a text-based protocol for sending much more engaging content with rich features and functionality.

RCS messages verify the sender and provide a verification badge.
RCS is a google verified SMS service, and it supports end-to-end encryption communication that adds an extra layer of security for chatting.

RCS is more interactive than SMS, and it lets you share high-resolution images and videos and other types of files.

RCS offers a rich-featured communication system for customers. The functionality and look of this app are similar to WhatsApp, Facebook messenger chat apps. Companies will be able to use interactive features to provide a better customer experience.

Google introduced RCS messaging system and is now available over mobile carriers. It is a default app, and your messages will be sent over Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can also send text messages even if the network is not available.

It is a cost-effective messaging system. Reach out to us for more information around verified SMS costs and promotions.

Along with the text messaging features, RCS allows users to send multimedia data such as pictures, video, location data, pdf formats and, it also offers other functionalities. Customers can also make complete transactions using these messaging apps.

You can use RCS API to send messages to anyone with an RCS-enabled phone on a supported carrier within a supported country.

We expect that RCS will expand to more mobile carriers. Also, the usage of rich content in businesses can help to increase more engagement with users. You can see that the capabilities are endless after the world starts to interact with RCS messaging.

Get started with RCS business messaging and schedule a demo today.