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WhatsApp Business Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API is the cloud version of WhatsApp Business API, which allows businesses & developers to build on top of WhatsApp to customize their experiences and respond to customers quickly & easily. It’s quick & easy because businesses can get direct approval for WhatsApp Cloud API from Facebook. Also, businesses can use API to integrate with the backend system such as CRM software and other marketing platforms.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Business Cloud API

Quick Approval : Get direct approval from FaceBook for WhatsApp Business
API at a quick pace.
Cost Effective : Eliminate the intermediaries to with WhatsApp Business Cloud API with zero set up cost.
Get New Updates instantly : Direct access will give instant updates available to businesses. This will include security updates too.
Free API software upgrades by Meta :
All software upgrades will be free from Meta.
Chatbot integration and chat automation via third-party apps : Integrate chatbot and automate without much hustle using third-party apps.
Scaling : Scale all your messaging within Meta’s infrastructure automatically using Cloud API.

Comparison between On premise and WhatsApp business cloud API

Key DifferencesOn-Premises APICloud API
HostingIndividual businesses and/or BSPs need to host the API software on their own servers and in data centers.Meta hosts the API.
MaintenanceIndividual businesses and/or BSPs need to perform API software upgrades
API software upgrades are performed by Meta and new
features and security updates are available automatically on
the Cloud API.

Developers no longer need to do setup, maintenance or
scaling work. There will be minimal code changes required
to adapt to longer-term API changes.
Costs Businesses or BSPs need to:

• Pay the costs of setting up and
maintaining their servers.
• Pay per message sent or per conversation,
following the rules described here.
Meta pays for the hosting costs.

Businesses only pay per message sent or conversation,
per the rules described here.
API ProtocolOn-Premises REST API.Graph API.
Message Throughput
(Per Second)
Send up to 70 text messages per second
for single-connect.
Send up to 250 text messages per second
for multi-connect.
Sending media messages may reduce
these numbers.
Up to 350 messages per second combined sending and
receiving of text and media messages. In the event of high
system loads, a business may experience reduced message
throughput. See Throughput.
Certificate ManagementYou manage your Certificate Authority (CA) Meta manages the CA certificates.
Media Provider APISupportedDeprecated. To upload media to the Cloud API, follow these steps.
Stickerpack Management APISupported.Currently not supported.
Disaster RecoveryBusiness/BSP needs to deploy in “high availability” model.No SLA.
Single-tenant vs. Multi-tenantSingle-tenant (single phone number
per deployment).
Not applicable. Multiple phone numbers can be
registered on Cloud API.

Telinfy platform for WhatsApp business cloud API

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WhatsApp Business API

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Chatbot Conversation

Improve your customer satisfaction and generate more
leads with creative content. For many users, a chatbot
is a point of contact to your business, which can be
more convenient than connecting via phone or mail.
Our product is designed with a WhatsApp chatbot that
enables customers to get a quick, automated response
for their queries or problems. With a WhatsApp
chatbot, you can earn more benefits from customers
all time without a delay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WhatsApp Business API is the loud version of the WhatsApp Business API which allows you to implement WhatsApp Business API without the cost of hosting your own servers and allow you to scale your communication.

Getting access to WhatsApp Business API is absolutely free but still, the conversations are chargeable according to Meta’s pricing plans.

There are no charges to access WhatsApp Business Cloud API. But like WhatsApp Business API WhatsApp messages are charged based on conversations. There are two types of conversations such as user-initiated and business initiated.

Read our blog on WhatsApp Business Cloud API for more details.

Yes. The only difference between WhatsApp Business Cloud API and WhatsApp Business API is the hosting fee. The rest of the features of WhatsApp business API is available with WhatsApp Business Cloud API too.

You need to complete the following steps to start using WhatsApp Business Cloud API.

  • Set up developer assets and platform access
  • Send a test message
  • Configure a Webhook
  • Receive a test message


Usage of WhatsApp for both personal and business desires is growing rapidly. For business people, they are trying to explore
their brand via popular communication channels like WhatsApp.