Empower your patient
management and communications
and maximize your user experience

Create an effective patient management system and manage the conversations with them through their most personal device.

How GreenAds Global hits a difference in Healthcare

Appointment booking

Avoid long waiting queues for booking appointments. end messages to
confirm appointments automatically to void any missed consultations.

Reminders and Reports

Remind them about their consultations, lab appointments,
and revisiting schedules. Send lab reports, insurance details,
and other documents digitally.

Feedback and Follow Ups

Get feedback from the customers and enhance your customer experience.
Send follow-up messages to check in on the customers and give them a
personal touch thru their communication with their healthcare provider.
Make them engaged with your brand and make them feel special always.

Meet your customer Digitally

Keep your customer connected with your customer digitally
through our Chatbots and be available for them at their
convenient time.

Handle Patient Queries

Be there for your customer 24/7. Connect with them 24/7 through our ChatBots and answer their queries at any time thru their preferred channel.

Detailed Analytics

Keep all the communication data at scale. Use Dashboards and analytics to scale and monitor all the conversations with your customer to analyse and plan to deliver a better customer experience.

Omnichannel Experience

Reach your customer on their most preferred communication platform, and make them feel that you are available for themanywhere at any time.

Reach Globally

Reach your global clients effortlessly with our Health care ChatBot. Enrich their experience and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Empower customers with GreenAds Global’s unique solutions.

Security and Reliability

Deliver an outstanding customer experience through all the communication channels with the utmost security. Be with your customer 24*7 with the most customized omnichannel solutions globally.

Add a personalized touch

Communicate with your customer through their most trusted and most commonly used communication platform, which will give a personalized touch to the process.


We value your time and our services. Our committed and highly qualified experts are there to help you with all yourneeds for 24 hours.


We are one of the finest service providers in India. Trust your customers with us to reach them where ever they are with our excellent communication services.

We are here to enrich your customer communication with powerful communication tools