Bulk SMS services are definitely profitable source of marketing to businesses. However, the minor price-restructuring at the Operator Level has left the businesses in dilemma if it could affect the advantages they get by using bulk SMS services. Though the bulk SMS service providers have no option than agreeing to the price hike, they make sure the bulk SMS hike does not have any affect the on your profit percentage that you gain upon using this source of marketing. Here are the reasons why you need to go for Bulk SMS services ignoring the minor price hike:

Quick Delivery

Messages only need for seconds to reach their destination. On an average, it just takes less than 7 seconds for the message to reach the destination. Yes, other marketing strategies are also swift, but not as much as bulk SMS services

Customized Platform

Through bulk SMS services you can either send numerous messages to the entire list created or to certain targeted group as per your requirement. Irrespective of the Bulk SMS hike, the SMS marketing services enables you to customize the message campaigns as per the requirement of your SMS subscribers. Whatever be the demand, be it a quick industry update or a promotional message, bulk SMS services provides you all that your subscribers and business demand.

Great Open Rate Over Mails

In comparison to email marketing, SMS marketing have great open rate. Almost every SMS sent is looked at and read whereas it isn’t so in the case of emails. As the subscriber feels the buzz signaling the text arrival, they would give a glance over it unlike in the case of mails. In few cases, the text messages get opens automatically, whereas the emails don’t. So, even if there is a small bulk SMS hike, investing on bulk SMS service marketing is always beneficial in comparison to email marketing.

Better Conversion Rate

What’s wrong in investing on marketing medium that has better conversion rate, even if there is a small Bulk SMS hike? With the network operators increasing their service charge with a small amount, the bulk SMS service providers are also forced to increase the SMS charge with a slight amount. However, it does not make a huge difference. As these SMS’s have high conversion rate when compared to other marketing strategies, businesses do not mind investing a bit more for such assured returns.

No Barriers

Once sent, messages make their way direct to the inboxes unlike emails that have the possibility of landing in Spam folders. So, as this marketing strategy does not have any such barriers, a slight bulk SMS hike can be neglected.

Short And Crisp

In today’s high competitive world, people do not spend time reading long messages amid of their hectic schedules. Concise and clear information is what they wish to get conveyed with the information. In bulk SMS services, the text gets to the information immediately without stating anything unnecessary.

Pay For The Potential

Do you have any idea of the number of mobile phone being sold every day? It is definitely a ridiculous amount. Calls and messages being integral part of mobile phones, bulk SMS marketing definitely has a great potential. So, there is no harm in investing your money on this marketing gold mine irrespective of the bulk SMS hike.

So, what are you waiting for? Neglect the bulk SMS hike! Contact your nearest bulk SMS service provider at the earliest and get your brand name close to the subscribers with minimal investment that assures maximum output.