Early Adoption of RCS for iPhones in Japan: Paving the Way for a Messaging Revolution

RCS Messaging

RCS messaging revolutionises the customer experience with a well-crafted messaging system that supports high-quality media sharing and showcases the features of products and services. This messaging platform has a tremendous impact on businesses worldwide. While Android users have typically been the primary users of RCS messaging, recently, iPhone enthusiasts have started to adopt RCS messaging as well.

Significantly, Japanese users have been using RCS messaging for years, primarily through a platform called the +Message app, which replicates the RCS messaging system. The +Message app offers the same features as RCS, providing high-quality media sharing and increasing product awareness among the public. Since its introduction, Japanese users have been fascinated by the app’s well-equipped messaging accessibility. On the other hand, iOS has been resistant to RCS messaging until recently. A groundbreaking suggestion from Google led to the inclusion of RCS messaging in iOS 18, allowing users to enjoy its benefits.

RCS messaging is set to transform business communication with its advanced capabilities. It enables effortless messaging with quality images and videos, precise audience targeting with geo-fencing technology, and high engagement through chatbots with adaptive automated responses. These smart bots can instantly reply to frequently asked questions, providing timely and relevant information without human intervention. Customers can interact with content through two-way communication, fostering a sense of connection and involvement. This leads to quick and accurate answers to inquiries, boosting productivity, and significantly enhancing the overall customer experience. For instance, if a person is looking for a unique donut in town and receives the right and perfect answers, the likelihood of converting them into a customer is high.

RCS Messaging on iPhone
Comparison between +Message and SMS

The +Message app on the RCS messaging platform is not just an app but a single-client system that handles messages between systems. The +Message app is specifically designed for Android smartphones sold exclusively in Japan but is also accessible on iPhones through the Apple App Store. According to the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, the +Message app meets all the standards of RCS messaging and offers almost the same features. Statistics show that approximately 18 million users benefited from the +Message app in 2020, demonstrating its predominant accessibility for businesses to reach their targeted customers.

RCS messaging capabilities are highlighted by vibrant content that drives business potential. Appealing pictures and videos about the brand encourage the audience to take action, adding authenticity and credibility. This creative addition has fascinated local businesses. Moreover, RCS messaging enables interactive features that improve user-friendliness and conversation engagement, such as dynamic content, carousels, and quick reaction buttons.

These features allow local businesses to showcase their services creatively and provide clients with a more engaging experience than conventional SMS. In today’s competitive e-commerce environment, a polished and customised customer experience is crucial. Businesses can use RCS messaging and widespread mobile advertising to build strong relationships with customers, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. Sending relevant and timely notifications based on real-time site analytics further increases client satisfaction and engagement.

In conclusion, the groundbreaking adoption of RCS on iOS will enhance business accessibility and growth in Japan. The Japanese population has already experienced similar platforms (+Message) on Android and iOS systems. Appealing pictures and videos about the brand drive audience action, adding authenticity and credibility. The use of RCS on iPhones will allow businesses in Japan to reach their targeted audience smoothly, leading to significant changes in business marketing and paving the way for a messaging revolution across the globe.

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