Bulk SMS Marketing

The world is shrinking into the palm of each person with a small gadget in them. The usage of mobile is exploding and the world market is using it as a powerful marketing tool to reach their customers. The limit of texting is boundless and businesses can reach their target audience worldwide. Statistics show that there is no slowing down in the use of professional text messages and it will grow continuously through 2022.

5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages. That’s about 65% of the world’s population. The annual income of the mobile industry was $1.05 trillion in 2017 with a 1.64% annual increase. The report projects continuous growth in the future and will grow at a strong pace through 2019 until at least 2025.

Globally, the amount of people who send and receive text messages is predicted to rise to 5.9 billion by 2025. Smartphone usage is expected to increase to 77% of the global population by 2025.

People are used to sending and receiving messages but surprisingly a growing percentage of them are promotional messages. Open rates of SMS are relatively as high as 98%, that is people will definitely see what you send them. Hourly use of smartphones is increased due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It made a significant change in the shopping patterns of customers and they rely more on smartphones for their every activity.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Benefits of SMS marketing

  1. Cost-effective

When compared with other traditional methods of marketing like hoardings, billboards etc. SMS marketing is an inexpensive way of communicating with your customer. it will definitely help businesses to tighten their budgets.

  1. Increase loyal customers

Through SMS it is really effective to increase customer engagement and hence create loyal customers. Personalised offer messages for the distinct customers to make them special and keep them loyal to the brand.

  1. Improve communication

Better communication means better relationships and SMS is a powerful tool for building strong communications. It is a personal message from the business to the customer. SMS Marketing is an easy, fast and reliable way to communicate with all of your customers.

  1. Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns

SMS can integrate into your marketing campaigns which will in turn increase the potential of your marketing campaigns. Get SMS integrated with social media and other traditional marketing campaigns, and get the message straight to the customers. This will ensure that customers will get what the brand can offer them.

  1. Time management

Time management is crucial in today’s life. Bulk SMS campaigns can save both the customers as well as businesses time. Bulk SMS campaigns can be organised for a scheduled time, and the customers can read those messages at their convenient time.

Bulk SMS and an SMS API or bulk SMS gateway

Bulk SMS campaigns are normally sent from a dedicated piece of SMS software, whereas SMS sent via a bulk SMS API are sent via an integration with a separate piece of software.

If you are getting reminders by text about your insurance premium due or your doctor’s appointment date, these are sent automatically by the software at a set time before the due period. No need to send those reminders manually by logging into the Bulk SMS platforms.

Bulk SMS API is a platform that provides a link to all kinds of software solutions and is the quickest way of sending transactional SMS to your clients. A bulk SMS service is a tool through which users can send text messages to phone numbers with the help of an SMS gateway.

How Bulk SMS Works

An essential feature of Bulk SMS is the availability of one more solution to send and receive the SMS.  A mobile phone application, a software programme, a web interface, or integration of an SMS API with the organization’s website or system, all can be used in Bulk SMS marketing.

There are mainly four functional units in the Bulk SMS service.

Users (Businesses or Organisations)

Users are those businesses or organisations that use Bulk SMS services to reach their customers. They can avail this to send promotional as well as transactional messages.

The Bulk SMS Gateways

These gateways act as a link between the users and mobile network operators. Operators can provide a user-friendly interface for the users.

Mobile Network Operators (BSNL, TATA, Jio)

Mobile network operators are the first party in the overall Bulk SMS services. They are playing a key role by sending SMS and also reverting confirmation signals back to the SMS Gateway.


They are the receivers of the SMS with mobile phones, sent by the users.

How to get started

  1. Sign Up with an SMS Gateway Provider. Follow all the steps to fulfil all the documentation processes.
  2. Get your Bulk SMS Account
  3. Choose numbers from your database
  4. Make custom text messages or templates
  5. Schedule a date and time if needed to send messages.
  6. Use the filtering tool if required to filter the customer data.
  7. Monitor and get feedback through the Bulk SMS gateway account.

Tips to optimise your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

  1. Obtain opt-in customers: Only send messages to customers who gave their consent.
  2. segment your customer: This will make your campaign more specific according to your need.
  3. Keep it short: Small and precise are always best to deliver an accurate message.
  4. Allow an Opted Out: It is always good to think from your customer side. Let them know they can stop receiving texts if they don’t want to receive any.
  5. Send at the right time: It is also important like fragmenting your customer database. Learn about your customer behaviour and choose the right time to send the message.

Get started with the GreenAds Global

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