Thousands and thousands and thousands of small businesses are sending bulk messages the easy way. Here is the 4 benefits of sending bulk SMS messages…

First, send thousands of bulk messages in just seconds.

Just like email you can communicate with thousands of people in just seconds using bulk SMS messaging. But SMS messages have an advantage over email… and that’s benefit number 2…

Second, Get 93% visibility for your message!

Yep, you read that right. According to some market researchers, 93% of sms messages received are read… and most in the first 10 minutes! That’s critical to benefit number three…

Third, target your marketing by TIME!

This is a huge advantage over any other marketing channel… if you want to market a special that’s good at a certain time… say a discount on pizza on Tuesday at 6:00 pm… then bulk SMS messages is the best way to do it.

Fourth, short messages means EASY writing.

Many business owners struggle with their marketing message… the blank canvas of an email message can be scary! Text messages are only 160 characters – so you’re not likely to struggle to find your message – you’re forced to be short and to the point!