Get start to Connect with WhatsApp Business API in 2022

If you want to start a conversation with multiple customers, loading the WhatsApp app will not only be a solution. You have to integrate WhatsApp business API into business software to work together on multiple devices. WhatsApp Business API is not directly available through WhatsApp. You have to use third-party solution providers like GreenAds Global to manage your business communication with customers.

WhatsApp Business API is designed for medium and large size of businesses. It allows you to communicate using WhatsApp with multiple users on multiple devices at the same time. For a secure and scalable solution of any business size, this service has been introduced by Facebook in August 2018. It empowers businesses to send and receive an unlimited number of WhatsApp messages from their valuable customers.

It will be a decisive method to select the right platform to connect with the API based on user requirements.

GreenAds Global is one of the leading business communication service providers all over India. We offer WhatsApp business API to develop a strong communication strategy between businesses and customers.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

GreenAds Global is one of the simple and acceptable ways for service providers to connect with WhatsApp business API. In 2022, We became WhatsApp partners for business messaging solutions in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

  • Automate business conversation using WhatsApp business API. You can use chatbots like conversation tools to answer frequently asked questions and increase response time with WhatsApp.
  • The API makes it possible to chat with multiple agents and will help you to improve your overall team efficiency.
  • If you connect with a great API-providing service platform like GreenAds Global, then you will get valuable insights into your customer support.

The main features of our API service include as follows

  • Encrypted connection between you and your customers.

We ensure a private secured connection between business and customers.

  • Data Privacy is our top feature.

When you connect your WhatsApp business API with GreenAds Global, then all your data will be secured under our service.

  • Built for professional service

We are delivering highly professional service and sales with the world’s number one messaging app.

  • Rich media support

Enhance your business communication with rich-media features like image, text, video, audio, and more options.


whatsapp business api

Using WhatsApp business API, you can


  • Make your brand available 24/7
  • Speed up the communication process
  • Get more brand recognition
  • Use multimedia format options
  • Enhance customer retention and satisfaction
  • Provide excellent customer support with multiple agents using mutual inbox and centralized dashboard
  • Enhance user engagement and get an excellent response rate
  • Automate messages and save resources
Get start your business in simple three steps
  1. Request access
  2. Integration and setup.
  3. Go-live

So, are you a company thinking use of WhatsApp business API and don’t know exactly how it works?

Reach out to us soon. We are here for your response and get started with GreenAds Global‘s efficient service for WhatsApp business API.