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Getting familiarised with a WhatsApp Shared Team Inbox

WhatsApp has become an integral part of every person’s daily life. One in every three people uses WhatsApp in their daily life. This is why WhatsApp business API is becoming an inevitable marketing platform for your business. But did you ever wonder how to handle each conversation from your customer coming through WhatsApp? There comes WhatsApp Team Inbox handy.

 What is a WhatsApp shared Team Inbox?

A Team Inbox make it super easy for your team to manage the communication with your customer through WhatsApp Business API. It allows you to manage all the conversations through one collaborating dashboard for all of your team members by using a single WhatsApp Number. It is simple and makes it easy for you to use WhatsApp for customer support.

Shared Team Inbox: Features

GreenAds Global Shared Team Inbox allows the team to support the customer through a dynamic Team Inbox, with a single WhatsApp number. Log on to the dashboard, assign customer conversations to each team member and respond to each of them without missing a single flow.

Here are the important Layout and Features of the Shared Team Inbox:

  • Manage all your conversation with the customer through a single dashboard.
  • Allocate and reallocate chats to your team members.
  • Use labels to chat to use for future reference
  • Add tags to group chats for internal communication and tag them under each tag.
  • Get access to all the customer conversations and customer purchase journey all the time.
GreenAds Team Inbox Layout

You can send and receive chats while having full customer purchase history.

  • Manage all your customer conversation using one consolidated Team Inbox
WhatsApp Team Inbox Panel
  • Assign team Members, set chat filters and search.
WhatsApp Team Inbox Panel 1
  • Send Multiple messages to your customer database.
WhatsApp Team Inbox Panel 2
  • Save customer profile in store cards.
WhatsApp Team Inbox Panel 3
Benefits of GreenAds Global WhatsApp Team Inbox
  • Mange your customer conversations with an easy and simple dashboard.
  • Make it easy for the agents to work together with internal private notes.
  • Take reviews on how your team is communicating with the customers and manage them accordingly.
  • Fast reply options to speed up responses to common queries.
  • An efficient team to support you 24/7
  • Manager your team more efficiently, and monitor who is working on which conversation.
Why GreenAds Global Team inbox

GreenAds Global is the official WhatsApp Business platform provider, that helps small, medium, and large entities to scale up their revenue through our powerful sales enabling features. We assist businesses to build their businesses on the WhatsApp business platform from product enquiries to conversion and post-purchase assistance.
GreenAds Global WhatsApp Team Inbox is more reliable, easy to work on and more efficient, which in turn will help the users to manage their sales enquiries more efficiently.
Our platform is currently trusted by more than hundreds of customers for customer engagement, customer retention, building more loyal customers and many more. If you want to scale up your revenue and brand reputation, please feel free to contact us for further details.