How a business can adopt RCS messaging for making a unique brand identity?

Be it personal or professional, communication is the key. Without communication, no interaction can happen. Virtual communication is possible since the invention of emails a few years ago. However, over the years, technology made it possible by constantly evolving and helping people worldwide to communicate with one another at an affordable cost as compared to previous years. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is one of the most innovative technologies that has emerged in recent years.

With the rise in AI and Machine Learning, conversational messaging technologies like RCS have grown over the last few years. Users too love the shift in virtual communication. Around 1.4 billion are using chatbots i.e. 1 every 7 people around the world.

As per a report by Gartner, there are more than 50% of businesses will invest in chatbots than developing mobile apps. This clearly shows that organizations want to connect with their users and utilize the current base rather than investing in a new app to connect with them.

SMS has always been a go-to channel for communication for brands as users are already available on it. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is an upgrade to the current SMS set-up. Using RCS Business Messaging, users and businesses can connect by using rich features. RCS Business Messaging occurs on the built-in messaging channel which means users need not download any external app for this purpose. RCS enables a rich UX that boosts higher engagement for brands.

What makes RCS business messaging stand out?

Native Messaging Solutions and Native Chatbot Solutions are the two key features of RCS Messaging. Messages designed for specific use cases, such as OTP, survey, or promotion, are known as Native messaging solutions. Native Chatbot Solutions are RCS chatbots that are interactive and offer automated responses to users’ queries.

RCS Chatbots and Native Messaging Solutions share several features that distinguish RCS Business Messaging from the competition.

Suggested actions

RCS Business Messaging has a one-of-a-kind functionality that allows consumers to take action with only one tap. Suggested Actions assist users to move with the conversations quickly resulting in a quick and prompt exchange of information. This enables businesses to provide users with a lot better conversational experience, and users are happy with the interactive message experience they have received.

Brand logo

RCS Business Messaging allows businesses to have their logo imprinted on the messaging app. This allows users to quickly recognize the brand with which they are communicating. A company’s logo is an important component. Users from all across the world may readily recognize brands thanks to logos. Companies can create attractive logos in minutes using logo creator websites. Brands may use RCS Business Messaging to effectively boost their visibility and interact with users.

Verified check mark

On the messaging app, RCS Business Messaging also has a confirmed tick mark. This verified checkmark guarantees customers that the brand they are communicating with is genuine, similar to the service provided on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This improves brand-user trust and lowers the chance of users connecting with an unreliable business messaging channel.

Customized chatbots

Businesses can use RCS Business Messaging to construct a chatbot for a specific use case. For example, a tourism company can let their clients look at various vacation packages, or a bank might let users utilize the chat channel to reset their ATM pin or apply for a loan. The RCS Business Messaging channel can be adjusted in both scenarios to meet the needs of the travel business and the bank.


RCS Business Messaging allows businesses to connect with their customers using images that carry aesthetical appeal. Rich cards are a feature that allows you to connect with the images that communicate with you using a visually appealing message to your users. Images aid to capture the audience’s attention and help them recall what the conversation was about. Images also assist you to create a visual display of what the brand offers.


Using RCS Business Messaging’s carousel features, businesses can add as many products and services as they like. Aside from that, brands can use carousels to enhance user retention on the messaging channel because scrolling horizontally on the app is easier and keeps the user engaged. This boosts the engagement rate and may lead to client retention.

In-App confirmation

Just like the suggested action function, the in-app confirmation is a button linked to an image or a carousel that allows users to perform prompt actions on the message channel. This functionality is enabled by RCS Business Messages in order to retain the users on the message channel and have end-to-end conversations within the channel. Users will no longer have to switch between apps or web pages because of this feature.

Take away

RCS Corporate Messaging is a revolutionary technology in the business messaging industry that uses interactive and unique conversational messaging to improve user acquisition and retention rates. After learning about the different capabilities of RCS Business Messaging, it’s easy to see how it can help businesses stand out from the crowd by giving such an exciting messaging experience.

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