WhatsApp Business API is a coming needy platform for kinds of businesses to perform unlimited chatting with their customers. It can act as a secure, scalable, and powerful business solution to build new experiences worldwide.


Today, WhatsApp is not only for communication with your friends and family but also most of the businesses are changing to WhatsApp for communicating with their customers also. For a business purpose, you can earn more conversion and satisfaction from customers by integrating your messaging app with WhatsApp business API.

If you are searching for a fulfilled WhatsApp business API provider India, then GreenAds Global will be the best option to enhance your Business Growth. We are delivering API with the best features and functionality by doing great flexibility on it. Based on the application type and API integration, we will help you to arrange the list of contact addresses, numbers, social media addresses, and much more details based on your requirement and a well-organized marketing campaign.

Using WhatsApp API businesses can send text messages, images, videos, emojis, make voice calls, video calls, and other communication processes securely and easily.

WhatsApp Business API Provider India

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

For business people, WhatsApp business API offers many benefits to attract more customers into your business.

With a broad integration, WhatsApp business API is a communication channel, that will be a big competing tool for other messaging platforms. Using business API, you can handle large volume customer communication without any delay.

It is capable of integrating Chabot for more quality leads, placing an order, taking an appointment, product consulting, data collection, answering FAQs, location tracking, and much more.

It is possible to manage a large volume of customer problems and queries with one WhatsApp number.


Sending notification alerts on time about product purchase, updates on the appointment, order confirmation, ticket booking etc.

Hence as a business person, selecting the right WhatsApp business API provider will be the initial step before delivering better communication to customers.

Currently, all business API integration is done by a service provider. For this, you have to submit the all required information about your company and business requirements.


After that, you have to activate your business WhatsApp number and it will be a lengthy process which will affect your business growth.

Hence WhatsApp has taken a decision to allowing the customers to directly purchase the business API from cloud API. It will help you to speed up the API integration in a low cost.

Now our company is under beta testing and after launching cloud technology integration we will act as a service provider to achieve your business goal.

The latest cloud API integrations aim is to simplify the integration processing in a faster and easy way. It will be available from 2022.

GreenAds also offers chatbot integration which will fully automate the communication system and will provide a faster response for customer queries.

As a WhatsApp business API provider, we can deliver it with full GDPR compliance and secure it with an end-to-end encryption process.

With WhatsApp Business API can provide many opportunities for better communication with your customers.