Make business communication faster with RCS messaging service

SMS messaging has become an important aspect of modern communication; there are more than five billion mobile phone users’ worldwide, sending roughly 22 billion text messages per day.

While SMS’s success has been fueled by its simplicity, availability, and instantaneity, its future expansion will need something far more powerful in terms of capability. Although SMS has a 98 percent response rate, it is designed for simple communication.

Consumers today want a more engaged messaging experience that includes value-added features like read receipts, high-resolution audio/video sharing, geographical directions, and more. To be competitive, messaging providers must provide a sophisticated, integrated solution that allows for easy exchange of multimedia content and seamless integration with other mobile apps.

This is where Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging comes in. RCS is a next-generation messaging platform that is currently on its way to replace conventional SMS gradually.

It is far more comprehensive than the SMS service available today. RCS gives consumers access to features that were exclusively available in OTT messaging apps.

RCS has all of the features consumers expect from a messaging app, such as group chat, real-time typing indication, read receipt, and the ability to send audio and video messages, but it also goes one step ahead by reducing the time it takes to switch between apps.

With RCS, users can do anything – right from booking a flight ticket to shopping online to ordering a pizza.

RCS messaging

How can RCS messaging benefit businesses?

RCS is industry-agnostic, which means it may be applied in a variety of business sectors, including small and large businesses, all over the world. RCS messaging service has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses to reach out to their customers in new and impactful ways. Brands should use the medium to redefine customer engagement.

Here are three significant benefits that modern businesses can gain from RCS communications.


1.Enables conversions through seamless interaction

RCS transforms a user’s native messaging app into a platform for rich and detailed, more active business communications. Businesses can use “rich cards” to share high-value material right within the messaging window because RCS communicates straight with other mobile applications and was developed to integrate embedded rich media content such as coupons, maps, or videos. Users can also choose from a list of pre-programmed responses by hitting a “QuickReply” button, making it much easier for them to finish a conversation with your business.

These integrated content distribution and communication solutions boost user engagement and the possibility of the user taking the intended action, such as visiting a retail store, watching a sponsored video, or redeeming a discount.


2.Creating a complete branded experience which customers trust

Unlike conventional SMS messaging, wherein your business is connected with your phone number or short code, RCS communications allow you to customize the chat window with your business logo and colours. RCS also supports verified sending, which protects clients from phishing and gives them confidence that the message they receive is from your business.


3.Delivers Real-Time Analytics for campaign optimization

Businesses must monitor campaign data regularly to determine whether their communication methods are working. It’s the only way they’ll be able to increase customer engagement. However, with SMS communication, this has proven difficult due to a lack of data on how consumers respond with texts.

RCS makes it simple to improve communication campaigns. When a customer sees a message, starts typing a response, and clicks on the details their business has shared, businesses can see it.

This enables brands to gain more intelligent insights into communication gaps and tailor messaging for optimal reading and customer engagement.

How can businesses use RCS?

Businesses can seamlessly interact with their customers using RCS by sending rich and relevant messages. It also allows businesses to send branded messages that include the company’s logo and other business-related details, along with a verified badge that identifies the sender.

As a result, businesses can provide a Meta client experience in areas such as customer service, sales, branding, marketing, and advertisement without having to develop a separate product. RCS can change the way businesses communicate with their customers.

RCS allows businesses to deliver important alerts, OTPs, QR codes for e-tickets, product catalogues, and discounts, among other things. It can also be used in combination with a chatbot to establish two-way communication processes such as queries, customer support, feedback submissions, bill payments, online ordering, etc.

Retail, tours & travels, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, and many more industries can profit from RCS messaging. It may be tailored to meet the needs of each of these businesses, making the entire communication process more beneficial and impactful.

To summarize

RCS messaging is the future of business communications, and many companies are already using it to improve customer experience. RCS has several advantages that have helped it become popular among both B2B and B2C businesses.

If you really want to stay on top of the marketing game, you should start adopting RCS messaging right away. It allows your company to engage with customers on their chosen device, giving you a leg up on peers who haven’t yet caught up.

Got any questions about RCS and how it works? GreenAds Global is happy to answer all your queries and help you with your communication strategy so you stay in front of the competition.