RCS messagings service india | RCS messaging service provider India

What is RCS messaging service

RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging is the next generation of SMS, providing enhanced messaging capabilities such as higher quality images, video sharing, group chats, read receipts, and more. It represents a significant evolution in mobile communication, offering a richer, more interactive experience compared to traditional SMS.

Features of RCS Messaging
High-Quality Multimedia Sharing: Share images, videos, and audio with superior quality.
Group Chats: Create and manage group conversations seamlessly
Read Receipts: Know when your messages are read
Typing Indicators: See when someone is typing a response.
Business Messaging: Enhanced capabilities for business communication, including branded messaging and interactive buttons.
RCS Messaging Service Provider in India

Why use RCS Messaging - Features of RCS Messaging

RCS messagings service india | RCS messaging service provider India

Improved profits


Quality conversions and click-through rates

RCS messagings service india | RCS messaging service provider in India

The Best way to retain customers

RCS messagings service india | RCS messaging service provider in India

The Easiest way to feature your products and services

Rcs messaging provider in India

The Solution: RCS Messaging Provider India

RCS messaging is an advanced level of messaging which will replace text messaging with rich features for a fast communication experience. It is a Google verified default app that is widely available in all mobile devices.

GreenAds Global is one of the best RCS messaging service providers in India can modify your marketing, traditional messaging, customer experience through this new way of communication platform.

It can enrich your customer experience using features like image and video sharing, location tracking, route-map sharing, link sharing, audio sharing, security, analytic, and many more.

What we do as an Rcs messaging provider India

We are committed to enlarging your business and the best possible outcome as RCS messaging service provider in India. We can upgrade your business model by implementing a unique brand to connect with customers across the world. We take out time to grow your business as per your requirement and need. Our aim is to implement an advanced, creative and unique solution for our clients. With our wide range of customized solutions for your business can help to communicate with your existing and potential customers. #Rcs messaging provider India

Rcs messaging provider in India | rcs messaging service | rcs messaging provider |Rcs messaging provider India

About our RCS Messaging Service

In days most businesses are growing rapidly with advanced technology using mobile and network. Hence with the development of the Google verified SMS app, it can be favor as a source for the successful journey of your business at a low cost.

We are one of the best RCS messaging service providers in India and we have experienced in providing the best marketing service for all enterprise to grow their business to the next level.

We provide the best messaging solutions to every industry like retail, hospitality, hotel, restaurant, payment, etc.


How to enable RCS Messaging on mobile devices

Google has enabled RCS chatting in all mobile devices regardless of carrier. Here’s how to enable RCS messaging app on your Android phone.

round_green Open Google Messages on your Android phone

round_green Click the Three dots in the upper-right corner

round_green Click on Settings

round_green Now go to General>Chat features

round_green Enable the toggle next to enable the chat feature

round_green Enter your phone number if prompted.

round_green Click on Continue and wait for the status to change “connected”

Rcs messaging provider India

Why GreenAds Global is the choice of best RCS messaging provider in India?

round_green 200+ Brands onboarded for RCS

round_green Basic Chat bot free

round_green Payment Collection Solutions without payment gateway

round_green Simplified RCS registration Procedure

round_green RCS APIs for advance Integrations

round_green Developer Friendly.

Frequently asked questions - RCS Messaging service India

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is the next-generation SMS protocol and universal standard between mobile operators and phones. This is accepted and encouraged by GCMA and many carriers and mobile phone operators like Google, Android, and Samsung. RCS enables businesses to communicate with their target audience with rich features like, high-res photos and larger files, chat with a group, know when messages are read, or make video calls.

Google RCS (Rich Communication Services) is supported by a variety of mobile devices. It is commonly available on Android smartphones. However, device compatibility may vary depending on the device manufacturer, carrier, and region.

No, not all mobile devices come with Google RCS pre-installed. The availability of Google RCS depends on factors such as the device manufacturer, carrier support, and region. Some devices may have it pre-installed, while others may require activation or an update from the carrier. comes with features like high-resolution video and image sharing and exchanging messages with carousels, emojis and gifs. It also comes with group sharing, getting read receipts and viewing real-time messaging.

To check if your mobile device supports RCS, you can follow these steps: Open the default messaging app on your device. Go to the settings or options menu within the messaging app. Look for a section related to "Advanced" or "Chat features." If RCS is supported, you should find options to enable or activate it. If not, the feature may not be available on your device or carrier.

No, it is not necessary to download an additional application to use Google RCS. RCS functionality is integrated into the default messaging app on compatible Android devices. However, some carriers or device manufacturers may offer their own messaging apps or separate RCS apps for enhanced features.

Answer Companies can benefit from adopting RCS for several reasons: Enhanced communication: RCS enables businesses to send interactive messages, images, videos, and other media directly to customers, offering a richer and more engaging communication experience. Increased customer engagement: RCS supports features like read receipts, typing indicators, suggested replies, and more, allowing companies to have real-time, interactive conversations with customers. Branding and customization: RCS allows companies to customize the messaging experience with their branding, logos, and colors, providing a consistent and recognizable brand presence. Rich media capabilities: RCS supports high-quality images, videos, carousels, buttons, and other interactive elements, enabling companies to showcase products, services, and promotions effectively.

Answer Some key differences between RCS and WhatsApp include: Integration: RCS is built into the default messaging app on compatible Android devices, while WhatsApp is a separate messaging application that needs to be downloaded and installed. Platform dependence: RCS is primarily available on Android devices, whereas WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS devices. Network dependency: RCS relies on carrier support for full functionality, while WhatsApp operates using internet connectivity. Encryption: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption by default, ensuring secure messaging, while RCS encryption may vary depending on the implementation by carriers and device manufacturers.

RCS supports a wide range of media types, including: High-resolution images Videos Audio files GIFs (animated images) Stickers Location sharing Contact cards Interactive buttons and carousels for interactive experiences

Although Apple devices currently lack support for RCS Business Messages, the company has shown keen interest in adopting RCS, and we eagerly await an update. Stay tuned for further updates and developments in this regard.

RCS offers certain security features to protect user communications. These features may include: Encryption: RCS messages can be encrypted in transit between the sender and recipient, depending on the implementation by carriers and device manufacturers. Authentication: RCS supports sender verification, allowing users to verify the identity of the sender. Spam protection: RCS incorporates spam protection measures to identify and filter unsolicited or unwanted messages. It is important to note that the level of security and encryption can vary depending on the carrier, device manufacturer, and specific implementation of RCS.

The cost of RCS messaging can vary depending on the service provider and the specific plans they offer. Some service providers may offer RCS messaging as part of their standard messaging service without any additional charges, while others may have specific RCS messaging plans or features that come with a cost. It is best to check with your service provider to determine the exact cost associated with RCS messaging.

The timeline for completing the registration process and template approval for RCS messaging can vary depending on the specific requirements and processes of the RCS platform or service provider you are working with. It is recommended to refer to the documentation or contact the RCS platform or service provider directly to get an accurate estimate of the timeline involved in completing the registration process and template approval.

Yes, it is possible to integrate a chatbot with Google RCS. Google RCS supports rich media and interactive messaging features, which can be utilized to build and integrate chatbots into the messaging experience.

To assess the effectiveness of the campaigns businesses can get various reports such as the open rate, Clicked through Rate(CTR) messages, delivered message rate, response rate etc.

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Rcs messaging provider India

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