Before you read detailed information about RCS messaging, here is a quick description of this term.


Google verified SMS or RCS messaging is a new service that uses RCS Protocol for sending messaging across all carriers. RCS messaging is a communication protocol between telecom operators and messaging partners for verified rich messaging. RCS is a visually rich message format for branding, to share audio, video, photos, location map, group chatting link preview, and much more. It is the next generation of text messaging services for enhancing customer experience.



RCS messaging


made easier with RCS or Google verified SMS

Business senders of different industries use rich communication services for a variety of options to increase their customer’s experience. It offers businesses to have a big communication strategy with consumers than ever before.

Every size of businesses can take the advantage of rich communication services when compared to SMS. It will be a great experience for customers to communicate with business senders straightforwardly.

Its branding and verified messages will help to provide more certainty and freshness with business partners that can cause your customers to be more engaged with your business products.

RCS platform is an advanced mobile messaging app for text messaging. It is a part of the default app on all devices and can deliver services via cellular data channels.

No more spammy message

Traditional SMS has a problem to do with spammers and customers usually get confused about the authenticity of the messages. Most of the SMS comes from random numbers. 

With RCS Messaging, google verifies business and thus prevents frauds and spammers from the scene. Customers can now click licks or open incoming messages without any fear.

How does google authenticate business messages?

Businesses can register their phone numbers with Google. They can do this with the help of a messaging provider partner. Google verifies all the messages from the sender by attaching a business logo, name, and a verification badge.Customers should have Settings enabled in the messages app to receive RCS messages. This service is currently available only in a few countries such as India, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, the Philippines, and the US. 

Better data and insights

Business with Google verified SMS feature, give higher quality metrics and analytics data. With this, you can comprehend the behaviour and taste of customers. It also provides a better understanding of marketing and more interaction means for targeting the right customers. With the advantage of RCS, business senders can see whether customers viewed their messages and decide the result of the interaction.

In an extensive form, message volume and its patterns can be discovered as well. These data can be used by company brands to build well-structured campaigns based on their findings. Company brands can help to engage more customers and customer’s peace of mind.

RCS can upgrade its business model by implementing brands to connect with customers and increase interactive experience. RCS messaging will be different from other communication platforms with relevant information and will be a great opportunity to grow your business to the next level.

Google verified SMS is a better way when compared to traditional SMS. RCS messages help to build trust, improve customer engagement, and put an end to frauds. Customers can now securely interact with businesses.