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Everything is moving to cloud. Then why not the Telephony system? GreenAdsGlobal’s cloud telephony solutions offer impeccable ways to deal with business calls without the burden of setting up modern telephonic technologies physically over your premises. Cloud Telephony solutions manages calls by accessing the telephonic infrastructure or additional CAPEX facilities scattered over the cloud. Clood telephony solutions is a revolutionary technology and is changing the way how modern businesses communicates with the outside world. In fact, cloud telephony system is seriously breaking the barriers of conventional telephonic system. Moreover, GreenAdsGlobal’s cloud telephony solutions are designed to streamline and control the flow of communication using hi-end wireless technology.

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  • cloud telephony solutions

    GreenAds Global’s pay-as-you-grow model cloud telephony solution is a platform to manage all your business-related calls over a cloud topology. As an innovative telephony system. Cloud Telephony Solutions completely eliminates the implementation of communication infrastructure that includes high-cost wired devices. All that your businesses need do to get started with our cloud telephony solution is just a computer and a reliable internet connection. You can limitlessly add your intended users and virtual numbers to make business calls without considering the capability of infrastructure as everything is managed within the cloud platform. Hence the maintenance of costly machines is not required. Our cloud telephony solution overcomes the pitfalls of services like automated calls, number masking and IVR solutions.

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Missed Call

Green Ads Global Missed Call Solution is an effective way to boost user engagement in any business. The highlight is that it is a zero cost communication strategy for the end user. Making missed calls is really swift and simple. The services are ideal for your target audience to provide feedback in the most cost-effective form. The calls can also be integrated into other services from PRP. It can effectually enhance services like outbound calls, USSD sessions etc. Missed call solutions can be used for diverse applications in different industries. They are well used in processes like subscription/opt-in management, user feedback collections, voting applications, user verification etc

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Let us make your customers connect with your business without any cost. Our Toll-Free Number is a viable solution and offer an inexpensive way for clientele to reach out to your business from anywhere around the world. Green Ads Global’s Toll-Free Numbers are Easy-To-Remember free services for both your business and customers. As the leading toll-free numbers services in India, we help your customers to land their calls in any of your existing telephonic systems like fixed phone lines, mobile phone services, or the PBX systems. Incorporate this smart Toll-Free Number solution into your business and get an effective telecommunications solution for all your business needs.

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Virtual Number

Direct your customers to your business without a miss – Keep your marketing and advertisement campaigns on track with GreenAdsGlobal’s coherent Virtual Number Solution. Virtual number or DID - Direct Inward Dialing gives your business the full-fledged flexibility to manage your business calls from anywhere at any time. Any inquiry for your business by customers will be dealt on-spot by allocating dedicated pre-set virtual numbers which may not be directly associated with the fixed telephone line. Our Virtual Number solution automatically manages, record and respond to every incoming call without failure, protect the personal identity of your employees and make them unexposed to the vulnerabilities.

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Call Center Solution

Decide where you need to deliberately cut off your operational cost in maintaining constant communication with your valuable customers. It’s nowhere other than the Customer relationship department. GreenAdsGlobal’s interactive Call Centre solutions are the next generation platform to meet the ever-increasing demands of businesses. Whether inbound or outbound calls, we leverage cutting-edge solutions to address the real-world problems associated with customer management solutions and help companies to establish a long-term relationship between their delighted customers. Our highly interactive API and efficient servers guarantee data security and reduce the downtime to effectively carry out the interaction process.

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Are you looking for a robust solution that intelligently interacts with your clients and capture every single call without keeping customers wait endlessly? GreenAdsGlobal’s adept IVR Solution works on a set of communication rules and queue traffic monitoring to manage all business calls – Inbound, Outbound, Abandoned calls, and Missed calls efficiently. Our IVR solution automatically transfers the calls to remote agents and is designed specifically to greet personally and send personalized messages for customers. The peculiarity of our solution is that they provide your business with a detailed call report alerting the importance of calls, especially the abandoned ones and missed calls.

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