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WhatsApp is not simply the most popular messenger platform for communicating with friends and family, with over two billion users. Businesses are increasingly using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers on their favorite platform.

There are many advantages of using WhatsApp business for you and your customers.

  1. Many people use their messenger apps many times a day. WhatsApp is the easiest and most convenient way to get in touch with your customers as it has already become part of your daily life.
  2. Mobile messages see open rates of 98% in contrast to email which is just 20%. Skip crowded inboxes and create a more straightforward and long-lasting relationship with your customers.
  3. Messaging gives you the liberty to respond promptly to client requests and resolve any issues or answer any queries immediately. This will boost your conversion rate and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Customer service has become more convenient, proficient and fun. You can share text messages, emojis, images or any kind of file with your customers.

The WhatsApp Business API gives both small and large-scale firms to get in touch with users worldwide. Getting access to the API was complicated but currently, many providers make it easy for any business to access WhatsApp API at an affordable budget.

Key difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

Many people get confused between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. Even though there are similarities, their possible uses and costs vary.

  1. The WhatsApp Business app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. It is best for small businesses that want to communicate with their consumers. It is a professional, safe and practical way to converse with your consumers within the same WhatsApp platform. But it carries certain limitations, one being linked to only one smartphone in which it is installed. Another limitation is that it can be only manually handled by a single user. This is not ideal for companies who need strategic channels to handle large volumes of enquiries.
  2. The WhatsApp Business API is specifically designed for large and/or budding businesses. It has more advanced and unique features which are not available in WhatsApp Business App. Companies who use WhatsApp API must connect it to an external platform. Many companies provide external solutions so that you can easily access all the features not available in standard WhatsApp. For instance, logging in with multiple users (customer support) especially in companies where there are more than 500 staffs who collaborate using the same WhatsApp number or automated systems that send notifications.

What is a BSP?

(Business Service Providers) i.e. BSP are official dealers authorized by Facebook who provide access to the WhatsApp Business API. They are big companies who are experts in the corporate communication sector chosen by WhatsApp to handle API and billing.

Though you can request access to API straightaway to WhatsApp, they can be quite complicated as well as expensive. Requesting the WhatsApp API by opting a BSP is definitely the best and fastest method.

What are the features of WhatsApp Business API?

Many companies need a secure, scalable solution as per clients’ needs. Keeping that in mind, Facebook created WhatsApp Business API in August 2018. It allows companies to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages from their customers.

The WhatsApp Business App API does not come with its own front-end interface. Rather, the companies need to integrate the WhatsApp API’s endpoint with their customer communication software.

Picking the right platform to connect with the API is necessary as the features play a main role in your WhatsApp support.

Here are some of the features of WhatsApp Business API.

  • Has a centralized dashboard with a shared team inbox for easy communication and customer management
  • Provides multiple users to log in at the dashboard at a single time
  • Allows third-party software integration
  • Sends customized responses to customers’ queries
  • Verifies an official business account with a green check (tick) mark
  • Tracks performance and key metrics
  • Create chatbots for automated messages
  • With so many features of WhatsApp Business API, many organisations around the world are turning to WhatsApp Business API to manage their communications with their clients.

What are the features not available on the WhatsApp Business API?

As mentioned above, both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are two different products.

Though the features differ from the type of solution you choose to integrate, here are some of the classic features that are not available with the API.

Their absence can be a good or bad aspect as per the business type and company use.

  • No WhatsApp Calls or Video calls
  • WhatsApp groups are not enabled
  • WhatsApp Business Catalog cannot be created or shared.


Last words on WhatsApp Business API

Being one of the largest communication channels on the market, many companies are yet to reap benefits from it.

If you are looking to get started with WhatsApp Business API, then you can take a look at how our team can help you.

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