Advantages of WhatsApp Business API: A Customer Perspective

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Meta introduced WhatsApp Cloud API recently, which will allow businesses to use all the features of WhatsApp Business API. It allows businesses to use WhatsApp business API without bearing the cost of hosting the API.

“Today, I am excited to announce that we’re opening WhatsApp to any business of any size around the world with WhatsApp Cloud API”, Said Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO.

The WhatsApp Business API allows medium and large businesses to communicate with their customers at scale. It enables businesses to communicate with their thousands of customers by integrating API with their system both programmatic or manually. API integration with numerous backend systems such as CRM and other marketing platforms opens up various ways for businesses to ramp up their customer experience.

WhatsApp Business API acts as a customer support channel. It facilitates effective communication between agents and the customers.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Business API: A Customer Perspective

1.         Meet Customers In Their Familiar Territory

Communication is becoming more and more text-centric while people prefer to communicate with their brands more textually. WhatsApp is a messaging platform which is commonly used globally. This makes WhatsApp the best to reach the end-users.

People are already familiar with using WhatsApp as a communication platform while using WhatsApp Business API as your business communication platform, you are meeting them in a territory they are familiar with.

Customers can feel more convenient which will keep them from having to switch back and forth from different channels to communicate with businesses.

2.         Instant Problem Solving

Two out of three customers think it is too long to solve problems through a live customer service agent. Now you can scale up your problem-solving skills using WhatsApp business API. Unlike other dead-end channels such as e-mail and SMS, WhatsApp offers two-way communication to reach their customers much more efficiently. Swift communication with quick reply helps to surge customer satisfaction which is indeed a prime factor in customer experience.

3.         In-App Shopping Experience

Customers are more often induced to change the brands if the buying process is troublesome. With WhatsApp, businesses can now eliminate the term troublesome from their buying process. WhatsApp provides customers with an all-inclusive shopping experience. Customers can easily travel through the purchase tunnel from choices to check-out. WhatsApp payment solution provides the customers to finish all the purchase processes within one App. It will reduce the risk of losing a brand loyal customer by reducing the payment process to much more simple and quick.

4.         A Rich Multimedia To Educate Your Customer

The App offers eye-catching multimedia options to display for their customers. Text aside, images, videos, and attachments in various formats (.pdf, docs, apk, etc.) – even location and contact sharing – can be sent via WhatsApp. Interactive messages on WhatsApp business make the conversation more instantaneous. Call-to-action buttons help the customer to direct them exactly where they want to know, which also can inform the customer of a product that’s been restocked and redirected to the product page itself. With deliveries, they can also open up a website on which they can track their purchased product.

5.         Enhance The Shopping Experience To A Seamless level

Buying behaviour of customers are facing drastic changes over the last one or two decades. The Booming of the E-commerce sector opened up a massive chance to experience an international shopping experience. With WhatsApp Business API, the ability to communicate across borders with no additional overseas call or texting charges provided an additional boost to international shopping. Both purchase and communication with the brand have become more convenient than buying from a local store. With WhatsApp Business, the location of the product and company are no longer limiting factors for customers. In fact, cross-border shopping became continues to grow with a hassle-free shopping experience.

So to sum up WhatsApp business API bought a more convenient yet exciting shopping experience for the customer. Its accessibility, efficiency, and functionality are the main benefits of WhatsApp Business for customers.