Are you one whose business has made huge benefits out of the bulk SMS marketing services and is now worried of thebulk SMS price hike 2018?Yes, the decision of network operators to increase their charge has forced the bulks SMS providers to increase bulk SMS charge by a slight percentage. However, upon considering the benefits that you get out of bulk SMS marketing services, you would definitely continue to go with this marketing strategy irrespective of the price hike.

SMS’s are one of the quickest ways to market business. Few people have a misconception that bulk SMS services are limited to certain types of business. However, it is not so. Bulk SMS marketing fetch results for all kinds of businesses. If you are in a dilemma of why to choose bulk SMS marketing services inspire of the bulk SMS price hike 2018, here are the reasons:

The Speed

SMS’s are known for their speed both in delivering and receiving. These are sent quickly, read within 5 seconds on an average and even instantly responded to as well. Once the information is sent through the bulk SMS gateway, the content will be sent to the subscribers within seconds. When compared to emails, SMS works at a higher pace. On the other hand, email marketing is now considered to be outdated. So, if you wish to pass on your brand name to huge numbers within seconds, go for bulk SMS marketing irrespective of the current bulk SMS price hike 2018.

Right on the Target

In today’s highly competitive world, beating round the bush will not fetch any results. Sending out marketing messages randomly and expecting people to respond is mere waste of investment. It is necessary to make sure that the messages are highly targeted as possible. Bulk SMS being permission based, your messages would be reaching those who have earlier agreed to receive your messages or already are in relation with your business. As a result, your messages would be right at the target. So, it is definitely recommended to go with bulk SMS strategy even if there is a slight bulk SMS price hike 2018

High Return On Investment

Outdoor advertising streams like Newspaper ads and commercials would definitely cost you high when compared to bulk SMS marketing. While comparing with such marketing medium, the slight bulk SMS price hike does not make a difference. On the other hand, the information conveyed in this tiny fraction of cost is assured to reach 1000 of customers in fraction of seconds. This cannot be assured in case of other advertising streams.

Integration With Other Campaigns

Bulk messaging has huge potential when integrated into marketing campaigns. Traditional media and social channels do not always reach your customers on time. Integrating the same with bulk SMS services will convey the information on time besides ensuring the content is clearly conveyed.  Even in such integrated campaigns, bulk SMS price hike 2018 will not have much effect on the return on investment.

Be Precise and To the Point

Though bulk SMS marketing is easy, creating SMS message is not easy. 1 SMS credit permits only 160 characters. So, the content needs to be short, precise and meaningful. Characters more than 160 would result in an extra credit. Even the subscribers would prefer reading short messages than long contents like that in an email.

Money Saving

Time is directly related to money. More time you save means saving more money. Upon utilizing the scheduling SMS components, the SMS marketing campaigns can be organized for later dates thereby saving your time and money. So, taking this to consideration, slight bulk SMS price hike 2018 will not be an issue.