A Complete Walkthrough for WhatsApp Broadcast

As WhatsApp Business API came with a number of customer-friendly features, Broadcasting is one of the standing features of the conversational messaging App.

Let us dig in more about WhatsApp Broadcasting

When a user sends a single message to multiple recipients, we can call it WhatsApp broadcasting. The recipients can not see each other, because of what is called Broadcasting. 

WhatsApp Broadcast
WhatsApp broadcasting through WhatsApp Business API

In 2018 WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business API, to help businesses to communicate with their target market wherever they are.  To verify businesses’ WhatsApp numbers WhatsApp provided its WhatsApp APIs to third-party service providers to WhatsApp Business Solution Partners. They built their solution system over WhatsApp API to provide services such as WhatsApp CRM, contact management, and much more.

Using GreenAds Global’s WhatsApp CRM Telinfy businesses can communicate with their end users in many ways creating overwhelming customer experiences. 

What is a WhatsApp Business Broadcast?

Broadcasting is sending messages to multiple recipients from a single source simultaneously.

If this broadcast is initiated through a WhatsApp user in one click, it is called a WhatsApp business broadcast. Here no recipients can see others through this broadcast. Businesses can reach their largest number of revered customers thru a single click in the shortest amount of time.

Broadcasting using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business API to assist all kinds of businesses that have more than 256 contacts on their list. In order to eliminate the drawback of having limitations to sending messages to the customers through a WhatsApp Business App. WhatsApp Business API brings a new way for businesses to communicate with their customers without any limitations whatever the size of the business.

With WhatsApp API enabled business numbers, business solution providers like GreenAds Global will broadcast their business messages to thousands of their end users. Business providers can assist their customers in communicating with customers in a more personalized way using their WhatsApp CRM, contact management, etc.

Key features of GreenAds global WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Team Inbox
  • Advanced contact management
  • Multiple agent logins
  • Custom contact list
  • Broadcasting
  • APIs and Integration

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Features of WhatsApp Broadcasting
  • Label your contacts

Allows you to label the contact list so that it will be easy to broadcast the message to the desired group of customers.

  • Verified business details

Use broadcasting to reach your valued customers using your brand name, your logo, and other business details such as address, business description, websites, etc.

  • Variables

Create a personalized message in a moment by adding variables such as name, birthdate, salutation, and more.

  • Quick replies

Set a quick reply for your customer while broadcasting.

  • Catalogues

Create a catalog of products and services for easiness of browsing.

How to Broadcast on GreenAds Global WhatsApp Business API

To broadcast on WhatsApp, sign in for a GreenAds Global WhatsApp Business API account. And follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Log in to GreenAds WhatsApp CRM and direct to the Broadcast tab
WhatsApp Broadcast Panel 1

2. Click on the new broadcast tab.

WhatsApp Broadcast Panel 2

3. Give the name for the broadcast, select the template and select the time.

WhatsApp Broadcast Panel 3
WhatsApp Broadcast Panel 4

4. Select contacts from the added list or upload a new list.

WhatsApp Broadcast Panel 5

5. Track your Broadcast status.

WhatsApp Broadcast Panel 6

Role of GreenAds Global WhatsApp Business Broadcasting

  • Check your campaign messages: test your campaign messages in advance by sending test messages to ensure that the alignment, contents, and other variables are showing up correctly.
  • Broadcast your message at scale: By using an official WhatsApp Business API like GreenAds Global you will be not only able to cut down human mistakes but also can save millions of time.
  • Easy template approval: Before starting a campaign it is necessary to get approval from WhatsApp about the contents and alignment of your message. It is called the templates. GreenAds team can assist you to create message templates in a matter of seconds.
  • API integration: Integrate APIs to any of the software to send personalized messages. Also, WhatsApp API can enable a WhatsApp ChatBot on your business number and automate your sales and customer support at scale.

WhatsApp broadcasting is an amazing feature for businesses to reach their customer while having a personalized touch to the communication. It helps businesses to create more loyal customers and hence to create a relatable customer experience. With GreenAds Global, you can make this easy to happen with WhatsApp Business API.