Credibility is what Banking Sector
builds Up On. Add credibility to
your services with the most secure

Do your customer really want to talk more with you, a WhatsApp Chatbot is the best you can offer

Why a WhatsApp chatbot for banking, let’s have a look

Feel them they are in trusted hands

Prevent unauthorized transactions and other frauds by sending timely intimations
to the customer. Allow them to report anything similar which in turn will increase a
personalized relationship with your bank.

Conversing on time, happier clients

Uplift your customer experience by sending them timely offers,
new or pdated products, and other special services and make
it a more ersonalized experience with them.

Menial services are too
Answered on time

Provide data such as account balance, transaction status, approved
documents, etc. with the ease of a single touch. No ques, no dull questions,
and easy answers.

Be available 24/7 Globally

Real-time conversation with the agents to support your customer 24/7 with heir inquiries, answering their doubts, and other service- related processes using rich media, interactive buttons, and hyperlinks.

Add more to the customer database

Banking Chat Bots can be an add-on to add more numbers to your
customer database. They can always initiate a conversation from the
bank website or your Bank App. Categorize the queries and convey
the answers exactly to the enquired question.

What makes GreenAds Globals’ hit a difference

Our ChatBot is designed to help banks with their daily chores to make them simple and organized.

Security and Reliability

Deliver an outstanding customer experience through all the communication channels with the utmost security. Be with your customer 24*7 with the most customized omnichannel solutions globally.

Add a personalized touch

Communicate with your customer through their most trusted and most commonly used communication platform, which will give a personalized touch to the process.


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